#Breakthrough Idea – Floslek Lift Effect care line in refill packs

The planet suffers from excess waste. Responsible brands take actions that have a real influence on reducing the negative impact on the natural environment.

In this year’s edition of the competition, the jury was very interested in Floslek’s offer, not only in the cosmetics themselves but in the innovative way of product packaging. It made a very good impression since it is a real breakthrough in the industry.

In the cosmetics sector, pro-ecological actions are a particular challenge. Cosmetic products, due to their specificity, require proper safe and hygienic packaging.

Therefore, business is looking for solutions that ensure safety on one hand and reduce waste on the other. The search for them has recently accelerated considerably.

Ten eco-steps

For Floslek, which has close ties with nature in its genetic makeup, so to say, and its name refers to the Latin word for “flower”, ecology has always been an important issue, not just a catchword. – For years we have been acting to minimize the negative impact on the environment, both of our company and the products we manufacture – says the president of the company, Katarzyna Furmanek. It can be presented in 10 steps, which clearly show that pro-ecological solutions are consistently developed in the company.

  1. We choose recyclable packaging for our cosmetics,
  2. We are reducing the use of plastic by 80% and paper by 60% thanks to introducing innovative refill packaging,
  3. More and more often we choose glass jars and bottles – an increase of 52% (yty) in the number of cosmetics in glass packaging,
  4. For a year now, we have been reducing the consumption of cellophane – a foil for packaging our cosmetics,
  5. We use recycled plastic bags to fill our shipments,
  6. As many as 71% of our pallets are reusable,
  7. We have our own water purification and treatment plant,
  8. We have installed reverse osmosis filters on our premises, which allowed us to stop buying bottled water
  9. As early as in 2002, we signed an agreement with the Packaging Recovery Organization – we financially support the construction and operation of the waste recovery system (which is confirmed by the “green spot” on our packaging),
  10. Thanks to the changed technology we reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in the production process.

Cosmetic refill is a true less-waste

Floslek has been one of the first companies in the country to offer consumer care products in refill packaging, i.e. with replaceable content. Thanks to this innovative solution, the brand’s jars have a chance for “second life”. A small but great contribution to a cleaner environment – we are absolutely for this concept in the LCA competition.

The outer jar is universal and can be used many times – also to store refills of FLOSLEK Laboratory cosmetics from other lines than the product originally purchased. Very universal – we like it!

A modern and ecological solution has just been used in the LIFT effect line submitted for the competition. When the consumer decides to buy a refill and reuse the external jar, she takes care of the planet because she introduces 80% less plastic into the environment (the refill weighs only 8 grams, while the whole jar weighs as much as 40 g!).  Taking care of the environment has also a financial aspect – lighter packaging allowed the company to reduce the cost of the finished product. By deciding to buy a cosmetic in a refill package, the consumer saves about 20% of the price compared to the product offered in traditional packaging. And that makes sense in the ecological and economic aspects!

A younger look and something good for the planet

We also really liked the LIFT effect line itself. The products give the feeling of improved skin tone, visibly smooth out wrinkles and provide long-lasting hydration. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic and its color also improves.

Achieving such effects is possible thanks to the synergic action of active ingredients – plant retinol, lipopeptides, nourishing oils and three-dimensional biopolymer technology.

LIFT effect cosmetics also contain Matrixyl and Fucogel – ingredients with a strong, documented rejuvenating effect.

The jury strongly believes that every – even the smallest – action in a good cause makes sense. A revolution is not always needed. Sometimes a small change is enough to have a great effect on a large scale. And that is what seems to make this idea brilliant. If consumers start choosing cosmetic refills, we will save a lot of the planet’s problems, and at the same time save money in our own pockets – which in these economically harder times becomes even more important. We appreciate this very much! Bravo Floslek!