Glov Moon Pads #Top Eco Solution

The ecological trend has dominated also this year’s edition of the Love Cosmetics Awards. Cosmetics business is urgently looking for solutions that minimize the negative impact of the exponentially growing amount of waste that people generate. There is a brand that has simple, yet innovative solutions in its nature. It is GLOV.

The founders of the business: Monika Żochowska and Ewa Dudzic have chosen the “against the current” strategy for their brand. If respect for ecology is to be true, then it is worth taking up actions that are probably contrary to the usual patterns. Nevertheless, they bring about real change.

A gauntlet thrown down at the cosmetics business was a kind of a revolution.

It turned out that you can really reduce the number of cleansing cosmetics and disposable cotton swabs. A handy glove based on specially designed fibers is enough to cleanse your face thoroughly. A mental bonus: the feeling that by choosing this cleansing option, you are doing something good for the planet.

GLOV jumped in at the deep end. It is one of the fastest-growing Polish export brands.

The products, which were successively increasing in the brand’s offer, were in line with the increasingly popular eco- and less-waste trends. GLOV accessories perfectly sell all over the world. They are appreciated by consumers, appreciated by professionals! This year, in the Love Cosmetics Awards competition in the #TopEcoSolution category, the main prize was won by one of the brand’s latest innovations – GLOV Moon Pads.

Fly me to the Moon…

GLOV was created as the antithesis to the traditional makeup remover. Our skincare products remove makeup and leave the skin balanced, soft, and divine. With patented microfiber technology, GLOV gently removes makeup with just water making for a quick and relaxing routine that leaves skin glowing and clean. We needed to go further to help you get on a less waste path. Less is more — not only in skincare. We introduce a new, ecological version of the packaging of GLOV Moon Pads products which does not contain unnecessary cardboard boxes, foils, and plastic.

GLOV Moon Pads are reusable makeup remover pads that remove makeup only with water or beloved cosmetic, saving up to 150 cotton pads monthly. GLOV Moon Pads are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, safe for all skin types and they also have Cruelty Free and Vegan certificates. GLOV Moon Pads are available in innovative packaging made of biodegradable starch, which breaks down only a few weeks! GLOV Moon Pads are distributed in 3 pcs. and 5 pcs. The product can be machine-washed at max. 30 Celsius degrees.

GLOV Moon Pads do not contain harmful substances and dyes, they are completely safe for all skin types, even for sensitive and prone to allergies.

Step by step – how to use reusable makeup remover pads?

Soak a pad with warm water or your favorite makeup remover, e.g. oil. Apply for a few seconds to the surface of the face – water or other product will dissolve the cosmetics. Gently remove makeup residue. After use, wash it with running water and Magnet Cleanser soap, grey bar soap or wash in the washing machine.

We appreciate the product, but we also appreciate the sincerity of the brand, which paid attention to pro-ecological solutions much earlier than the “eco” trend became fashionable on a large scale.