#Professional Experience

Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 – Winner

In key cities all over the world, at international airports, in the most fashionable locations – Inglot’s stores are known globally. It is a brand close to women in different latitudes.

Inglot is identified by unquestionably high quality and a wide range of colours. A brand that does not put too much emphasis on traditional advertising, but has other ideas for promotion and building its own reputation.

This brand is known for her presence at many of the leading Fashion Weeks and for her cooperation with the greatest names of the fashion world. Magical make-up from catwalks presents the full spectrum, creative and full of harmony with the beauty of models or designer’s vision. In addition, the Inglot cosmetics can also be found on Broadway… Stage make-up of actors during shows and musicals is often supported by this brand, that is also a partner of the best stages of New York City.

Although the competition in #Professional Experience category of Love Cosmetics Awards was strong and the finalists were mainly face care products, the jury decided that the winner is Inglot with its professional make-up product AMC Pure Pigment. This is definitely a cosmetic, which is best handled by professional make-up artists. Of course it is also adored by people not professionally connected with make-up…

AMC Pure Pigment is a rich collection of loose eye shadows combining intense colours with opalescent particles. Combined with a Duraline droplet, it has a creamy, waterproof texture. This highly pigmented, abrasion-resistant formula is perfect for hours of photo sessions, stage make-up and big events. Shadows used by make-up artists during the biggest fashion shows and for make-up on renowned stages all over the world. They pass the exam perfectly at television and film sets. They are also great for weddings and evening gala parties.