The strength of Love Cosmetics Awards lies in its professional juryJagoda Prętnicka – Markiewicz (Head of PR & Comm CEE in SentiOne) presents us her reflections on the competition, with focus on social media aspect.

Accepting the invitation to the jury, I did not expect it to be the beginning of an incredibly intense adventure with Polish cosmetics!

Having researched the cosmetics industry on internet for several years, I was aware of its diversity. However, I was not fully aware of the multitude of Polish cosmetic brands. You can learn absolutely everything about cosmetics products on internet. About creams, balms, lipsticks, hair conditioners, shampoos and mascaras and nail polish. We usually talk about body care on Facebook, Instagram and forums as well as thematic portals. And that’s not all! Reviews of various cosmetics appear on dozens of Polish blogs every day. That’s why I found internet monitoring so helpful during the analysis of information about the reported cosmetics.

With every report and shipment, I analyzed social media pages and everything that Internet users write about the brand. The web is a source of fantastic insights, which is why I have composed the subjective list of the Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 best of the best by listening to the voice of the virtual community.

My definite number one on the list is OH!TOMI. The brand charmed me with the magic of unicorns, mermaids and the land of flamingos – I cannot take my eyes off it. Fantastic scents are a complement and a consequence of the Dreams collection little bath cans line. Not only I am happy to reach for their cute packaging, my daughters say that the brand products smell like candy and rainbows. Not only are they phenomenally fragrant and effective, they look remarkably well on the bathroom shelf.

Among the Polish cosmetics the most interesting is the presence of two brands of nail polish, Semilac and NeoNail, in the Social Index 2018 ranking. Polish women gladly upload party, holiday and Christmas styling photos, so it’s no surprise that the #nailsofinstagram or #neildesigns and #nailart hashtags can be counted in millions on Instagram. Many of the photos originate not from fashion sessions but straight from the beauty salons – this trend of presenting stylization on the hands and promotion through the presentation of achievements is what makes the hybrid nail polish occupy the highest place in the latest rankings. Competition entries – MylaQ nail polish with the Powerpuff Girls and the thermal NeoNail collection by Dawid Woliński stole my heart. Colors and packaging definitely attract the eye. I gladly reach for the distinctive products, and these – the original nail polishes, certainly belong to them.

I have been buying tołpa cosmetics for years, and the Detox Spa line only confirms that I chose well. Beautiful scents, brilliant packaging and fantastic functions. I cannot imagine a better way to start a day. That’s not all – less is more, I adore and appreciate the graphic simplicity.

I also offer great kudos to fantastic Polish brands that are conquering foreign markets. It would be impossible not to mention Inglot and Phenome, or the rising star, Clochee. I would add the Chopin Op. 25 men’s perfume to the cosmetics that deserve the award – I keep my fingers crossed for our export fragrance to be a huge success!


Jagoda Prętnicka – Markiewicz: Head of PR & Comm CEE in SentiOne. For five years she has been responsible for communication activities and the team promoting internet monitoring. She is passionate about regularities and unconventional applications of tools for analyzing the opinions of Internet users. She looks for answers and opportunities to optimize marketing and sales activities in big data.