Some of the changes that are taking place in the world are clearly going in the right direction. One of the trends that is beginning to emerge, not only in public discourse but also in pop culture, is the interest in the “silver economy generation”.

Western societies are aging.  Demography consist of numbers, and numbers do not lie. Business will have to look more and more closely at the needs of mature customers. However, if this is done only for money, the result is average at the best. Too much calculation, not enough sincere emotions.

However, we welcome social and cultural change. Finally, women 60+ appear in the advertisements of well-known brands, communication is refreshed, the attitude is more casual and distanced.

A mature woman is no longer perceived as a “grandmother”, the one whose best time is already behind her, a person invisible in the world of young and beautiful.

There is a TV series that has overturned the table of sad stereotypes: “Grace and Frankie.” Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin daringly played the roles of the heroines who start life anew after 70. They proved that youth is a state of mind, not a question of birth certificate. Those ladies are beautiful, energetic, a bit crazy, very sincere in manifesting their emotions, disagreeing with stupidity and stereotypes.

They bravely fight against all manifestations of ageism. They are the voice of women who don’t want to let themselves be sidelined in life just because they blew a little more candles out of their birthday cake.

Pro-age change

These changes also affect the cosmetics business. Cosmetics for mature women have always been a strong point of manufacturers’ offer. Care allows us to keep time in check. More and more often, however, consumers are signaling that it is not about the product being “anti-aging”, but about the needs of a given age. Therefore, we are moving towards “slow-age” care, which slows down skin aging or “pro-age” – accepting that time goes by and it’s the cosmetic product that has to adapt to the woman and her moment in life. This is in line with the trend of self-acceptance and affirmation of beauty independent of previously imposed patterns, such as the cult of youth.

Janda is a brand which from the very beginning has focused on mature women. Wise, aware and beautiful. It is not a mercantile movement to suddenly become interested in the needs of Polish women from 50 years old upwards, but the real nature of the brand. The brand, which is, after all, owned by a wonderful actress – Krystyna Janda, born in 1952.

The Manifesto of Beauty went straight to the hearts of many Polish women. Finally, they heard some words of acceptance instead of exerting pressure. Exactly. Because women really don’t need anything, but they can do EVERYTHING.

“Be happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Don’t have complexes and phobias, don’t have delusions of grandeur or low self-esteem either. Be optimistic, with a calm view of the world and yourself, with no dreams out of proportions or sick ambitions. Be pragmatic and realistic. Be an idealist, loving people and the world, with great faith in man and justice, in individualism and good values, but also without naivety or exaggeration in this respect”.


JANDA cosmetics are created for demanding consumers. Those who are not to be disappointed. The products use proven, tested active ingredients that are extremely effective, referring to professional beauty salon treatments. Always in doses that guarantee high product effectiveness. In accordance with the latest cosmetological knowledge, which has an ever-growing arsenal of measures to perfectly care for the skin – at any age. Because we all deserve the best!

All this for beauty to give you the strength to act. To change yourself, the world, life. Always for the better. Just like that.

Award for the sense of trends, the sincerity of intentions, consistency and very high level of products dedicated to mature women.