The strength of Love Cosmetics Awards lies in its professional jury. Jolanta Tkaczyk, PhD in Economy, Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw presents us her reflections on the competition.

What surprised me enormously was the very large number of products submitted for the competition, but also the appearance of brands that were previously unknown to me. Honestly, I did not realize how many interesting, innovative products the Polish market has to offer.

I am professionally interested in consumer trends, I examine and analyze them. I read studies on the cosmetics market in the context of the implementation of new trends, but nevertheless, experiencing it myself was something else.

A very strong presence of brands that offered anti-age cosmetics could be seen. Interestingly, these types of products are designed not only for mature women, but generally for women aged 20-70, as well as for men. In general, I am surprised by the availability and diversity of cosmetics for men (where the biggest surprise were nail polishes especially for them). As far as anti-age cosmetics are concerned, my attention was attracted to special additives, such as snail slime, viper venom, and the fact that anti-age specialization is very advanced – there are products not only for the face, eyes, neck, cleavage, but also lips, body, breasts, feet, hands.

The other very strong group were natural, organic, eco-friendly or vegan-friendly cosmetics in various shapes, colors and packaging. The products in biofotonic glass packaging, with the option of sending back the used packaging according to the idea of ​​”zero waste” were very interesting. I was fascinated by deodorants in cream which require the consumer to change the existing habits of product application.

Next trend that could be seen among the tested cosmetics were the so-called “urban” cosmetics which strongly underlined their detoxifying and anti-smog properties, protecting against the influence of such adverse external factors as heavy metals or blue screen light. Among these cosmetics there were brands emphasizing their universal character – addressed to both women and men. This group included both face and hair care products.

Another interesting item were cosmetics directly or indirectly related to the “Asian trend” – that is, products originating in Korea and Japan or making a reference to those countries in their origin. Starting from face masks that attract the eye with incredibly colorful packaging, through a whole series of care products.

I also found dermocosmetics, that is products dedicated to skin with problems: for vascular skin, atopic skin, prone to irritation and allergies, very important. I am glad that they are not exclusively expensive products and are accessible to the average consumer as well. Skin care products with hemp oil also marked strongly their presence.

A trend which seems interesting but is probably attractive mostly to young consumers, is selfie-ready and Instagram-ready cosmetics – it’s not only interesting, colorful packaging which looks nice in pictures, but also the product itself, which after applying (for example a face mask) looks like a filter on Snapchat or Instagram.

Most of the described global trends appeared in the form of cosmetics participating in the contest. I am very pleased to see that a large part of those brands are Polish products, both mass-produced and niche ones. During the testing there were the “moments of truth”, the clash of expectations with reality, as well as “wow” effects. Beyond any doubt, I will return to some of those products already as an ordinary consumer.

My 5 top types:

Nuev – a perfect combination of minimal design and an interesting formula of protection against the influence of external unfavorable factors that works as a unisex product.

Prouve– both a series of gel + balsam and molecular perfumes – I like the clear unisex placement and the possibility of playing with scents.

Emerald Beetles (Szmaragdowe Żuki) – name, packaging, formula – the body lotion is simply delightful.

Phenome – cosmetics for both women and men – a perfect combination of minimalism in package design as well as product perfection (fragrance, consistency, composition)

D’Alchemy – body lotion and oil – what a fragrance!


Jolanta Tkaczyk: Ph.D. in economics, assistant professor at the Marketing Department of Kozminski University, head of post-graduate studies in Marketing Management. A valued expert in the field of brand, consumer research, communication with the consumer, development strategy and product portfolio management. Author of many scientific publications related to management and marketing.