Thank you! First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to all the companies that took part in the Love Cosmetics Awards.

Distinguishing features of our competition are: P-Beauty promotion globally, innovative categories that work well with the activity of companies in social media, as well as honest assessments and professional jury composition.

Our expert jury evaluated the products in terms of the attractiveness of #brand itself, #emotions evoked by the product as well as #quality – that is  composition and technologies. We have also presented several business awards that will be a permanent element of LCA, because it is the cosmetics business that is the clue of our portal.

Love Cosmetics Awards is an absolutely transparent competition. And very lively! Anyone who follows our social media could watch short videos with reviews of the submitted products. There were many of them. If we count SKUs, we reach over 700 cosmetics in the competition. These are products of big corporate brands, strong Polish cosmetics companies, as well as interesting start-ups. Beautiful personalized statuettes went to representatives of each of these groups.

This competition showcased what trends and ideas dominated in the last year on the market. What intrigues consumers today. Which novelties and innovations have been implemented by cosmetic brands. Which direction is the most explored and where pioneering solutions appear.

The May celebration of LCA 

On that day, many companies received the prize which – we hope – will permanently win the hearts of the industry, customers and contractors. Gala in Warsaw Szarotka had a beautiful setting, but the most important thing in it was that we were together.

Companies with many years of experience and cosmetic youth, corporations and smaller manufactures, as well as representatives of trade chains, suppliers and Polish Investment & Trade Agency. It was our joint May get-together and I would like it to be that way – a beautiful cosmetic May, full of happiness, goodness and love.

If we could warmly provide with the statuette for the best speech this year it would absolutely go to Mrs. Dorota Soszyńska, co-owner of Oceanic. Her sincere and moving speech, in which she talked fantastically about the cosmetic “Made in Poland”, the power of ambition and consistency in creating the company, the necessary commitment and sincerity when working on the brand, aroused enthusiasm among the audience. The storm of applause, especially from young companies, showed that a generational knowledge sharing, experience and a kind of mentoring know-how is needed. The best of the bests on the market are the most suitable to do it!

The good comes back

I’m deeply convinced that we are not only the most beautiful industry, but an industry that does a lot of good. During our gala, an important part was the auction of paintings for the benefit of the Piękniejsze Życie (More Beautiful Life) Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to help women who are undergoing oncological treatment. During the cosmetic workshops a smile returns on the faces of patients, their self-esteem increases, and as you know, the psyche is extremely important in the fight against this disease. The foundation can be supported financially as well as by donating products for patients and volunteers.

During our gala, we managed to bid two paintings, for a total of over 3 thousand złoty! Many thanks to Janda and Oceanic companies, as well as all others taking part in the auction.


Events of this type cement the relationships between people. A while ago, the president of a large cosmetic company told me during the interview: We compete on shelves but we like each other privately. You can feel it! And it is appreciated.

Thanks to this, you can kindly talk in the lobby, honestly congratulate on somebody’s victory and be together beyond all divisions. That’s how our evening looked like, accompanied by beautiful music with “love” theme.

I hope that this first edition seemed so interesting and promising to you that in a moment you will start to think what we can do together in LCA 2020! I will try not to disappoint your expectations!

Lidia Lewandowska 

PS. All photos from the gala will soon be available for free download and use by all interested companies.