We are pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of Love Cosmetics Awards!

P-Beauty deserves the most involving, intriguing & appealing ways of promotion worldwide. Our goal is to make it happen because Polish cosmetic products and companies are our national showcase.

The first edition of was a real success. Our expert jury evaluated >700 products of >100 companies in terms of the attractiveness of #brand itself, #emotions evoked by the product as well as #quality – that is  composition and technologies. We have also presented several business awards because the business impact is a  permanent element of P-Beauty.

For those who want to remind themselves our great 2019 Gala, here is a short video impression:


All necessary details regarding 2020 edition timelines and submission process you can find on our Polish B2B portal Wirtualne Kosmetyki.

We wish you good luck in convincing our Jury members that your products or business activities deserve Love Cosmetics Awards 2020. Please remember that the consumer is in the center of our attention. The contemporary cosmetics market is changing every day and requires modern methods of communication with the consumer and creative promotion of the brand in business contacts. The imitative awards awarded in cliché categories are the things of the past.

Today the consumer needs to be intrigued, involved and encouraged to discover the uniqueness offered by a given brand. What counts is the engaging message that encourages sharing with others. The Love Cosmetics Awards determine the winners not through trivial product categories, but from the point of view of the consumer. After all, we all know that ultimately the market is governed by the customer – their emotions, needs and expectations.

Some examples? Here you are:

# True Innovation    # Young Generation Choice  # Simplicity Rules!  # Premium Class  # Luxury Touch  # Top Dermo Novelty  # 21st Century Solution  # Creative Branding Concept  # Natural Beauty  # Pleasant Care  # Skin Expert  # Daily Beauty Star  # Breakthrough Idea  # Worldwide Inspirations # Unforgettable Experience  

The success of the Cosmetics Insight Poland company and the WirtualneKosmetyki.pl portal is the result of several years of market experience of their founder – Lidia Lewandowska. We always evaluate the market from a broad perspective, and our analyzes are always in-depth, reliable and objective. We strive to look to the future and promote the Polish cosmetics industry as a unique example of the success of the entire industry after the transformation period. We can still see a lot of development potential in it and we are already doing a lot to widely promote this most beautiful showcase of the Polish economy.

This also gives us the right to evaluate and reward not only products, but also companies that deserve the best corporate PR in Poland and abroad. Professional business awards will not be empty “concepts” and undefined “special rewards”, but credibly legitimate distinctions that promote initiatives that go beyond market clichés.

Some examples? Here you are:

# Industry Trendsetter  # Bestsellers Creator# Spectacular Growth Company  # Start-up Time!  # Responsible Company  # Innovative Corporate Brand  # Go West!  # Go East!  # Go Global! # Best-In-Class Marketing  # Social Media Star   # Impactful Personal Brand # Consumer Friendly Innovator  # Rising Star   # Top Pharmacy Partner  # Global Potential


We kindly invite you to take part in this unique project!

I remain at your disposal in case of any question or concern


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