Taking care of the youngest is the most natural thing. Modern mums reach for cosmetics of those brands, in which they have absolute confidence. Sylveco cosmetics for children are very popular in Poland.

They are characterized by simple formulas friendly to the sensitive skin of babies and children, attractive design, no undesirable substances in the composition. Only the delicacy and goodness. Products valued by parents and loved by children. They protect, soothe and regenerate. They are so pleasant that some cosmetics, such as the washing lotion and shampoo, are used by the whole family. A very LOVE brand!

Only gentleness

A child’s skin is extremely delicate – it is several times thinner than that of an adult and does not yet have a completely sealed lipid barrier. A typical problem is the occurrence of a rash, which is caused by the overheating of the toddler. The youngest children’s skin is often overly dry, itching may occur and lichens appear. Atopic dermatitis is a troublesome condition that affects children more and more frequently.

Therefore, babies and children require particularly mild cosmetics, free of dyes, preservatives or fragrances.

The SYLVECO For Kids series consists of four basic cosmetics for the care of children and infants from the first days of life.

Hypoallergenic, delicate cosmetics are dedicated to sensitive baby skin.

  • The care cream is easily spread and absorbed, leaving the skin perfectly moisturized, soft and protected against moisture loss.
  • The body oil is a specially composed blend of natural vegetable oils and wax, with a slightly gel formula. Birchbark extract soothes and eliminates symptoms of itching and redness of the skin.
  • The protective effect against abrasions and irritations is ensured by baby powder which can be successfully used for a soothing bath for children with atopic dermatitis symptoms.
  • The care is complemented by a creamy shampoo and bubble bath. It does not cause any tears, leaves the skin and hair soft to the touch

The best by nature

All Sylveco For Kids cosmetics contain natural substances – plant extracts, minerals, vitamins and lubricants. Organic oils and plant extracts or d-panthenol soothe irritation and prevent skin allergies. They are also suitable for children with allergies or atopic dermatitis.

Parents of our youngest testers were delighted with Sylveco For Kids cosmetics. High quality, natural composition and moderate prices – these were the most frequently expressed advantages of this brand. The brand passed the exam with flying colors: the skin of our competition babies was perfectly cared for.

None of the testing kids had an unwanted surprise in the form of a rash or irritation 😉

The cosmetics perfectly take care of the skin of our little ones and their design is a joy to behold. A line without excess – there are no unnecessary products here (because a really small child does not need a large collection of cosmetics!), nor excess ingredients in the composition – there is strength in simplicity!