#Top Line

Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 – Winner

It is very inspiring and interesting when a brand present on so many markets can creatively recommend and emphasize its locality. We were very pleased with this in the case of Ziaja and its GdanSkin line, which was awarded the LCA statuette in the category of #Top Line.

These are cosmetics inspired by the seaside climate and the city which is the closest to the brand – Gdańsk, where the company has been operating since its foundation in 1989.

GdanSkin consists of 13 body and hair care products. The Gdansk element is not only present in the name. Marine and coastal inspirations can be found in the formulas, and the packaging contains graphics related to the architecture of Gdansk.

These cosmetics include active substances obtained from sea collagen and seaside vegetation. e.g. sea cucumber, shanties and small-leaved grandmothers. Another seaside accent is the smell: cosmetics smell of sea salt, freshly crushed rocky plants and amber. The line is recommended for everyday care of dry and dehydrated skin and anti-age prevention. GdanSkin is based on a three-layer process of skin hydration: long-term hydration of epidermis layers, sealing of hydrolipid barrier and supplementing NMF components that are able to bind water.

Traditionally, as always in Ziaja world, there is quality without overpaying. It is also another big advantage of this line. GdanSkin fits in with the global trend of locality! We appreciate it very much…