There are several values that are particularly close to the Vis Plantis brand, one of key strongholds of Elfa Pharm company’s portfolio. Edyta Mularz, PR & Marketing manager takes us through the brand’s values:

Certainly, transparency is important – we actively work in social media, primarily not to lose this direct contact with the consumer. We include information about the percentage of ingredients of natural origin on Vis Plantis cosmetics packaging, because they are the source of the strength that our brand derives from. We show photos and films from our factory, we inform about events in which we participate, presenting our team in this way – all so that customers could get to know us better and could trust us.

Referencing nature – what is simple and natural is the best for us. We mainly used extracts of herbs and grains in our cosmetics, because we know that the beneficial effects of plants are worth using not only in the kitchen.

Vis Plantis – a brand popular both in Poland and abroad

Simplicity – one of the key messages of the Vis Plantis brand is the phrase: Beauty is dressed in simplicity. We know very well that sometimes less is more. Our brand offers products for basic face, body and hair care. We have made every effort to describe our cosmetics as best as possible. In a simple way we suggest how to best use the products and also indicate the effects of their regular use.

Value for money – the effectiveness of our cosmetics is supported by years of experience, scientifically tested solutions and commitment, integrity and honesty that we follow. We are convinced that it is not the high price of the product that is the determinant of quality, but the effects of its action and the opinions of our customers.

Dorota Topolska, co-owner of Elfa Pharm company