Paulina Iwaszko, Nesperta communications manager on the values behind Semilac brand

The Polish brand Semilac was created for women, supporting them in realizing their own passions and goals, and providing them with the high-quality products they deserve.


Color is something that distinguishes both hybrid nail polish and make-up cosmetics by Semilac. They are tools for expressing yourself, showing your character and style. We want our products to offer consumers the greatest possible color diversity that will satisfy even the most demanding clients.


Semilac not only follows global trends in the beauty industry but is also their creator. Brand experts draw inspiration from world fashion shows, experiment with color, patterns, stylizations and interesting solutions. This is one of the reasons why our company is number one brand among manufacturers of hybrid nail polish in Poland.


In addition to improving products, we strive to support women’s activities by creating special workshops for them and encouraging them in this way to realize their passions. Women’s empowerment is a very important motto for us, especially since it is women who give us strength to act. Wishing to repay them for their contribution, we organize campaigns and numerous actions targeted especially at them – both specialists and women who are just beginning their adventure with nail stylization.