Karina Kozerska, Eveline Cosmetics marketing director on the brand’s „Consumer above all” approach


In our opinion, the consumer and their needs are the most important for the brand.


The cosmetics industry is very dynamic and competitive, and customers are getting better educated and more demanding. The position on the market is determined by innovativeness, the use of materials whose effectiveness of operations is confirmed by research, rapid response to trends and changing consumer expectations.


Bearing in mind the diverse needs of our customers, our offer includes many products with recipes specially developed with users from specific countries around the world in mind. An example of such product line is White Prestige with a skin whitening effect.


Innovation is the driving force of success, which is why our priority is continuous development – over the last years we have invested approx. 21 million PLN in the development of production and logistic infrastructure and storage base, and the Research and Development Center has been modernized.