Eveline Cosmetics, a company which celebrated its 35th anniversary a year ago, is the undisputed leader in the export of Polish beauty products. This is why it has been awarded in the #GoGlobal category of Love Cosmetics Awards 2019.

Its strong market position has been built thanks to a consistently implemented strategy. What is this strategy? The brand offers consumers a wide range of innovative, trendy and affordable face and body care products as well as make-up cosmetics. Eveline Cosmetics products are present on 6 continents, in 70 countries, and the export accounts for approximately 70% of the sales value. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary are countries with the highest growth rate of sales. Recently, Cuba joined the Eveline export markets.

Bestselling products, both in Poland and in many markets, are among others: the Gold Lift Expert line with bioactive gold, micellar waters, Nail Therapy Professional nail polish (in this category, Eveline is the leader on the Polish market), eyelash serums, fluids from the HD Liquid Control line, as well as Slim Extreme slimming and anti-cellulite line. In export, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the diverse needs of consumers from particular countries, which is why many formulas have been specially designed for specific markets. An example of such series is White Prestige with skin whitening effect.

At the heart of the brand’s development strategy is a customer – more and more educated and demanding. The beauty products industry is very dynamic and competitive. The position on the market is determined by innovativeness, the use of raw materials with the effectiveness of action confirmed by research, rapid response to trends and changing consumer expectations. Innovation is the driving force behind success stories, therefore, in order to constantly meet the expectations of consumers around the world, Eveline Cosmetics recognizes development as its priority – over the last years, the company has invested over 20 million PLN in the development of production and logistics infrastructure as well as a storage base, and the Research and Development Center has been thoroughly modernized.

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