Monika Żochowska, Co-Founder and CEO of Phenicoptere company on Glov brand’s export strategy

Currently, our key markets are: Western and Central Europe, South America and the Middle East. In South America, every year we have three-digit sales increases, this year we have opened large countries, such as Brazil and Peru.

As a GLOV brand producer, we cooperate on the basis of three models: direct cooperation, cooperation with a distributor, and a contract with an agent. We base our decisions of choosing the right model on various factors, such as: legal, logistic and customs restrictions, as well as the distance of the warehouse and production from the target market.

In business, we focus on maintaining good relationships. We regularly appear at cosmetics fairs, visit cosmetics distributors, go to events promoting our brand. During meetings with partners, we plan marketing support and introducing new products to a given market. We follow local and global trends. A useful tool for finding contacts is business social media, such as LinkedIn.

Latin America is strongly focused on the beauty market, for instance in Brazil, the results of the cosmetics sector are among the largest in the world. The Middle East includes rich Arab countries, where women especially care for expressive makeup, which we easily help wash off, while ensuring the proper condition of the skin, removing excess sebum and thoroughly cleansing the complexion, and all this is done only with water, that is, without chemicals.