Knowledge and a good team – it definitely bodes well for the company. However, it is not the end of the puzzle. You must definitely like what you do. Then you can call yourselves a success: the proof are the theaters run by Krystyna (editors note: Krystyna Janda – the business associate of Cybulski, an outstanding Polish actress and the owner of two private theaters).

The financial results of our company, as well as constantly growing friendships and sympathy for our still young Janda cosmetics brand, also prove that if you do something out of passion and not only for the potential profit, then it makes sense and is good.

Business should always be more enjoyable than tiring. We are very happy with product creativity in Janda! This company was created to do, with a familiar and trusted team of people, what we are good at, what makes us happy, but also what is financially good for our consumers…

Money was not and is not the most the important determinant.

Source: J. Cybulski’s statement at,-prezes-firmy-janda-o-tym,-co-jest-wazne-przy-tworzeniu-firmy