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Jolanta Tkaczyk

Ph.D. in economics, assistant professor at the Marketing Department of Kozminski University, head of post-graduate studies in Marketing Management. A valued expert in the field of brand, consumer research, communication with the consumer, development strategy and product portfolio management. Author of many scientific publications related to management and marketing.

Jagoda Prętnicka – Markiewicz

Head of PR & Comm CEE in SentiOne. For five years she has been responsible for communication activities and the team promoting internet monitoring. She is passionate about regularities and unconventional applications of tools for analyzing the opinions of Internet users. She looks for answers and opportunities to optimize marketing and sales activities in big data.

# emotions

Jolanta Fraszyńska

An excellent film and theater actress. A woman curious about the world and sensitive to its beauty in every dimension. She loves simplicity, order and harmony. Mature woman with youthful energy and beauty. Privately, she is a big fan of cosmetic innovations, especially interested in the natural cosmetics area.

Maria Kowalczyk

Beauty journalist. She has her own blog: nostressbeauty.com. For two years she has been managing the beauty department in the Be Active magazine. Author of texts on Vogue.pl and in Wysokie Obcasy. She worked in the beauty departments of Glamour, Twój Styl and Elle, and then ran the Style section of the portal on Temat.pl. She cooperated with onet.pl and wp.pl. Loves scents and care products and strong lipstick colors. Characteristic feature: sensitive and chimeric skin.

# quality

Justyna Koziej

The President of the Dr Koziej Institute of Cosmetics Research, a company that has been researching the safety and properties of cosmetics for 30 years. She advises cosmetics manufacturers in terms of concepts, recipes and technologies with the highest quality. Creates innovative research methods. She is perfectly familiar with the compositions, research, technologies and regulations regarding cosmetic products.

Bartłomiej Kwiek

Doctor of medical sciences, specialist in dermatology; author of over 50 scientific publications in the field of dermatology and aesthetic dermatology, expert in  treatment of skin diseases, especially psoriasis, acne and its complications, atopic dermatitis, as well as in aesthetic and surgical dermatology, he works at the Ambroziak Clinic

Anita Błaszczak

Journalist and editor in the Economic Department of the opinion-forming daily “Rzeczpospolita”. She specializes in issues related to branding (for years she has been editing the appendix to the “Most Valuable Polish Brands” ranking), building a professional career, and the cosmetics market, where she captures new business trends and describes significant changes in the Polish cosmetics industry.

Lidia Lewandowska (The President of the Jury)

The owner of Cosmetics Insight Poland consulting company and WirtualneKosmetyki.pl portal. For over 15 years associated with the cosmetics industry. Journalist, analyst, originator and participant of several industry discussions. Author of the book Piękne historie. Sukces polskich marek kosmetycznych [Beautiful Stories: The Success of Polish Cosmetic Brands] (PWN 2016).

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