#Quality Beyond Expectations

Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 – Winner

Alchemy, science and nature meet together in this luxury brand. The effect? Delightful products that addict. They are perfect both in their composition and applied technologies, as well as in the visual layer – valuable plant components are protected in beautiful bottles made of bio-photonous glass. The ideal answer to the most problematic challenges and needs of mature skin. Many women  just fell in love in D’ALCHEMY, and so did our Jury!

D’Alchemy holistic care
Modern and natural cosmetics differ from those manufactured at home also in terms of purity, repeatability, biovitality and durability. D’ALCHEMY uses natural substances obtained from plants thanks to ultra-modern technologies – pure active ingredients in a constant concentration. The power of natural substances remains the same and the effect of each cosmetic is reproducible, regardless of the batch of plants it comes from.

Therefore, it is possible to objectively examine the effectiveness and verify its effects of use. Thanks to the fact that the production technologies are so modern, the level of biovitality of D’ALCHEMY preparations can be compared with the plants from which they originate. The production conditions are strictly controlled and selected so as not to change the properties of the natural ingredients. D’ALCHEMY realizes the fact that the safety of natural cosmetics depends primarily on the safety of the raw materials from which they are produced.

D’ALCHEMY selects suppliers of raw materials with great care. These are leading European companies, most often French, with a wide range of scientific facilities and specialized laboratories. These companies have been conducting research (including clinical trials) into the safety and efficiency of raw materials for many years. Objectivity and scientific control of research methods positively influence the safety and effectiveness of D’ALCHEMY cosmetics.