Love Cosmetics Awards 2022 - Top Series - Stara Mydlarnia
Love Cosmetics Awards 2022 - Top Series - Stara Mydlarnia

Stara Mydlarnia (eng. Old Soap Factory) is a Polish brand that was born out of dreams, passion and inspiration from nature. Out of love for beauty. For years it has been associated by consumers with home spa and holistic approach to self-care.

Its success is based not only on the creation of high quality products. The uniqueness of the brand lies in the creation of a concept that allows you to change daily care into super-pleasant rituals, engaging all the senses. They may be relaxing or energizing, but all take good care of your skin, transferring what we like in a professional SPA to our own bathrooms.

This year our hearts have been conquered by the Cashmere line. These cosmetics smell amazing, and the scent stays on the skin for a really long time. Wonderful care that perfectly conditions the skin, and at the same time makes us feel good.

Moisturizing, regenerating, protecting

Cashmere is a luxurious collection of natural cosmetics, enriched with cashmere proteins, silk amino acids and carefully selected precious oils. Cashmere proteins increase skin elasticity, creating a delicate film on the surface, which protects against the harmful effects of external factors. Silk proteins delay the epidermis aging process and help maintain optimal hydration level. Sesame oil contained in the formula shows strong antioxidant properties, enhances regeneration of lipid layer of the epidermis, and grape seed oil increases skin elasticity, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and stretch marks. Cashmere products provide comprehensive care for dry, dehydrated skin with signs of aging.

Holistic portfolio

This line consists of bathing and care products, but it also offers fragrances. Enriching your care cosmetic range with body mist and eau de toilette is a very good idea, because this way the beautiful Cashmere fragrance is layered on the skin, positively setting the mood throughout the day.

Some cosmetics are perfect for everyday use. Others are worth giving out on special occasions, when we feel like doing something more than just taking a quick shower.

But whether you only have a few moments to spend on your skincare routine or you want to lock yourself in the bathroom for a longer period of time to indulge in a home spa experience, Cashmere will not disappoint. This unique series will make every moment of your body care even more enjoyable. 

Velvety bath and shower gel with cashmere proteins and silk amino acids perfectly cleanses and conditions the skin. Natural formula with added pro-vitamin B5 protects the skin against excessive drying. Cashmere proteins moisturize, smooth the skin and reduce water loss from the epidermis. Velvety texture and sensual scent turns a bath into a SPA ritual.
Velvety two-phase bath oil with cashmere proteins makes the skin satin smooth and soft to the touch. Cashmere proteins make the skin elastic and protect it from harmful external factors. The oil, enriched with silk amino acids and natural vitamin E, gently cleanses the skin and provides hydration throughout the day. It rinses off easily, yet the sensual scent lingers for a long time.
Pearl bath caviar cares for and cleanses the body during a relaxing and aromatic bath. Urea content in the beads softens the skin and protects it from moisture loss. The sensual scent of bergamot, currants, subtle freesia and rose combined with the aroma of patchouli, vanilla and ambergris delicately envelops the skin with a pleasant fragrance and turns the bath into a real SPA ritual.
An aromatic bath powder with a high content of shea and cocoa butter enriched with precious natural oils: sesame, coconut and sweet almond. This nourishing formula is perfect for dry, delicate skin that lacks radiance and firmness. Thanks to the content of precious oils the skin remains intensively oiled and no longer requires the use of creams after bathing.
Handmade bath ball is a wealth of natural oils that provide an aromatic bath in a home spa. Thanks to the content of precious oils the skin remains intensively oiled. Bathing with fragrant balls is a perfect way to relax and unwind at home SPA after a hard day.
Body peeling with pink Himalayan salt, cashmere proteins and silk amino acids effectively removes dead epidermis, stimulating the skin renewal. Cashmere proteins and silk amino acids moisturize and smooth the skin, while the vitamin E has an antioxidant effect. This product is excellent help in the fight against cellulite.
Velvety soap for face and hands thoroughly cleanses and cares for delicate skin. Cashmere proteins and silk amino acids, as well as vegetable glycerine, betaine and provitamin B5 prevent the skin from drying out. A sensual fragrance with a noticeable note of elegant, feminine perfume delicately envelops the skin with a pleasant scent. The soap has a neutral pH, therefore does not affect the skin barrier. Together with face and hand butter it is a perfect set for everyday care of dry and delicate skin.
Silky face and hand butter enriched with cashmere proteins and silk amino acids moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Sesame oil and shea butter restore the lipid balance of the epidermis, strengthening its natural protective barrier. The addition of vegetable glycerine makes the skin soft and smooth and protects it from drying out. Together with the liquid face and hand soap it is a perfect set for everyday skin care.
Nourishing hand cream created on the basis of sesame and castor oils with the addition of cashmere proteins and amino acids of silk perfectly softens, smooths and moisturizes dry hand skin and strengthens brittle nails.
Fluffy shea butter with high content of shea butter from Ghana, sesame and avocado oils, cashmere proteins and silk amino acids. Shea butter is excellent product for oiling and nourishing the skin, and when used regularly, increases the skin moisture level and firmness. Sesame and avocado oils are excellent sources of omega 3, 6 and 9 acids, they restore the lipid balance of the skin and strengthen the natural protective barrier. Cashmere proteins and silk amino acids ensure protection and velvety smoothness of the skin.
Regenerating and nourishing body butter with cashmere proteins that improve the skin elasticity and protect it from harmful external factors. The butter has strong moisturizing properties. The addition of sesame oil and grape seed oil, allantoin, silk amino acids and vitamin E makes the butter extremely effective in everyday care of dry skin that requires enhancing elasticity and resilience.
Extremely fragrant massage candle with a sensual scent of juicy bergamot, currant fruit, subtle freesia and rose and patchouli, vanilla and ambergris. When lit, the candle turns into a warm, silky oil, which gently warms the body and stimulates the senses. Massage with the candle provides comprehensive care for dry and tired skin, leaving it soft and nourished.  Pure shea butter, which soothes irritations and helps rebuild the natural hydrolipid mantle, is an excellent emollient, leaving the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch. The content of natural oils and soy wax makes the epidermis smooth and supple which slows down the skin ageing process.
Cashmere Eau de Toilette is an exceptionally feminine fragrance with a sensual combination of juicy scent of bergamot, currants, subtle freesia and rose and aromatic patchouli, vanilla and ambergris. A fruity and spicy perfume with woody notes for a sensual, elegant and confident woman.
Aromatic mist for body and hair - a perfect alternative to traditional perfumes. The body mist, a product with unique fragrance properties based on the same composition as the perfume, gently stimulates the senses.

Jury comment:

Old Mydlarnia cosmetics take skincare to another dimension. They are the best incentive to slow down and simply take care of yourself. They allow you to perfectly relax, unwind and chase away negative thoughts. They harmoniously take care of the body and psyche. The high naturalness of the formulas, the aesthetics of the packaging and the subtlety of the entire design of the line captivate. These are definitely luxury cosmetics, but their attractive prices are in line with the idea of democratization of beauty. The ideal brand for people who like to immerse themselves in the world of wonderful aromas, magical textures and sensual care. Cashmere is addictive! It delights! It absolutely captures hearts!