Who is The Social Media Star? Basic Lab no doubts!
Who is The Social Media Star? Basic Lab no doubts!

It's not often that business owners are as involved in social media communications and understand this world so well as Joanna Zgajewska and Anita Zacharska. However, this doesn't surprise us too much, especially knowing that the founders of BasicLab built their brand from the very beginning on consumer trust and sincere, engaged communication. The result? A dedicated community of Basiclovers!

- How do you build your reach and good online reputation? What is the Holy Grail in your case?

Joanna: From the very beginning, we focused on a strategy that is very simple in its foundation, but not at all easy to implement in practice. We focus on creating the best possible products and following fair rules in communication with customers. We both firmly believe that these two elements translate into reputation and reach. Customers appreciate brands that keep their promises. This is our Holy Grail. If a brand's primary goal is reach, there are easier ways to stand out online. We derive joy from knowing that we provide people with products that change the condition of their skin for the better.

- Which social media do you believe works best for BasicLab, and what do you think is the reason?

Anita: At BasicLab, we put a lot of work into each social media channel, adapting the language and form to the specifics of the channel. However, we have educational content and a demanding product, so we definitely have a more difficult time on channels focused on pure entertainment.

- In your opinion, what is the strength and weakness of social media nowdays?

Joanna: Strength: the speed of information and access to knowledge is a strength. The weakness is just the same: truth and fake news spread on the Internet with the same speed. As users, we are all still learning the principle that for any information, its source is essential, but we still don't have an effective way to sift the wheat from the chaff, and we succumb easily to manipulation.

- Do you run your brand profiles in-house or do you outsource it to an outside agency?

Anita: We have a sizable in-house team to handle social media channels. For a brand with a DNA like ours, there is no other option. We can't imagine communicating with our clients through intermediaries. We want to share knowledge with them and be the first to hear what they have to say to us.

Joanna: Social media is close to us, because as we launched BasicLab we ran our channels on our own from the beginning. We got to know this area inside out, and this experience pays off until today.

- What - as a brand - have you never done and won't do in your online communications?

Anita: We have never made empty promises to our clients and customers, and we won't.

Joanna: We have never bought likes or followers, we don't even know how to do that.

Joanna and Anita: Because we not only respect our Basiclovers, but we also like them a lot!

What is working to succeed in social media? Sincerity, patience, avoiding shortcuts, well thought-out partnerships with proven influencers. Direct and engaged communication is extemely important, same with developing a specific brand language. Consistency between what one declares and what does in practice also definitely counts. BasicLab has been very honest in its actions from the beginning. It treats the brand's profiles on social media platforms not only as a space to promote product novelties, but a place to share knowledge, educate, explain, dispel doubts or face myths. This has allowed the brand to become a profile with a high degree of trust, liking and engagement. The best way is to simply check it out on Instagram! A brilliantly run, very aesthetically pleasing, definitely interactive account. Its creators use a variety of formats: from posts and daily stories, to video and engaging live shows. This makes users wanting to come here regularly, and the algorithms just like it!