The SEYSSO Baby Penguin Ice Blue sonic toothbrush is an ideal choice for the little ones
The SEYSSO Baby Penguin Ice Blue sonic toothbrush is an ideal choice for the little ones

The device is shaped like a penguin to encourage daily tooth brushing. It has been designed specifically for children aged 0 to 3 years.

The gentle vibrations of the toothbrush help clean the first teeth more thoroughly and improve the entire cleaning process. SEYSSO Baby can be used even before the appearance of the first teeth to gently massage and stimulate the gums, as well as to support the toddler in forming proper oral hygiene habits.

The small and rounded head of the tip is perfectly adapted to the baby's undersized mouth. Thanks to the soft and densely spaced bristles, the toothbrush gently (but at the same time exceptionally thoroughly) cleans the teeth and massages the gums, providing comprehensive oral care in a friendly way for the youngest users. The package includes 2 types of tips: one tip designed for younger children from 0 to 18 months and two tips for slightly older children aged 18 to 36 months.

The SEYSSO Baby Penguin Ice Blue sonic toothbrush is a product that combines fun with learning proper oral hygiene. With it, your child will enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth and a smile on their face. SEYSSO Baby Penguin Ice Blue takes care of the toddler's comfort and safety. It is made of high-quality materials that are skin-friendly and contain no harmful substances. The toothbrush is waterproof and easy to clean. SEYSSO Baby Penguin Ice Blue is a product that adapts to the individual needs of the child.


Innovative technology

The toothbrush uses sonic cleaning technology, which generates as many as 16,000 vibrations per minute. This allows the toothbrush to thoroughly remove plaque and food debris, while massaging the gums and stimulating blood circulation.


The toothbrush is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. It's also safe for your child, as there are no sharp edges or parts that can break off or be swallowed.


The toothbrush has a built-in timer to help your child learn the correct time to brush their teeth. The timer is set for 2 minutes, which is in line with dentists' recommendations.

Pleasant to use

The illuminated tip, which attracts the child's attention, encouraging them to brush their teeth, and also makes it easier for the parent to thoroughly clean the toddler's mouth.

The product has a positive opinion of the Mother and Child Institute.


Dentists have been sounding the alarm for years that children's oral health leaves much to be desired. It is estimated that up to 64% of children at the age of 3 have decayed deciduous teeth, covering an average of 3-4 teeth. Among children at the age of 7, already having mostly mixed dentition - as many as for 86% are found to have caries involving about 5 milk teeth. The cause? Too much sugar in the diet, inadequate hygiene and lack of regular dental check-ups. Some parents, unfortunately, still underestimate the problem of decay in the case of milk-teeth, thinking that these will fall out and the problem will be over. Unfortunately: diseased milk-teeth translate into decay of permanent teeth. Fortunately, awareness is gradually growing, and responsible caregivers make sure that their child brushes their teeth regularly, and that visits to the dentist do not become a life-long trauma - all it takes is the right specialist who knows how to ensure a good atmosphere and stress-free check-up of teeth and possible pain-free treatment. This product has everything you need. Technology that supports thorough cleaning of the first teeth, provides pleasant use, with the principle: playing - teaches. Good habits are an investment for life. SEYSSO sonic toothbrush is a commitment to health, hygiene and moments of joy while brushing. We say a definite YES to the penguin! Definitely, # Choice for Kids!!!