LCA 2021: #StartUp Time - Cherry Soap
LCA 2021: #StartUp Time - Cherry Soap

You can only win once In this LCA category. Every year we award outstanding young brands which do not appear on cosmetic skyline like a meteor but prove that they found unique idea for themselves, develop portfolio and have a lot of energy to fight for their place in the market despite strong competition.

Cherry Soap is such an outstanding brand, offering more than just soaps. It quickly moved into the much more challenging and demanding facial care segment. The brand creates truly innovative and skin-friendly products with a good feel for market trends, cosmetological innovations that address consumer needs.

Consistency and sticking to the rules

The company was founded by a married couple from the Tri-City - Ewelina and Grzegorz Niklas. In their case there were no shortcuts. Knowing that cosmetics are strictly regulated, and that the safety of consumers and proven effectiveness of products is a must, from the very beginning they acted methodically and followed the same rules as the market leaders.

Like many other brands, it all started with personal challenges. Since her childhood, Ewelina had been struggling with an autoimmune disease, which also affected her skin, and she realized that finding cosmetics for such demanding, sensitive skin is extremely difficult. She was fascinated by cosmetology and began trying to create something for herself. Encouraged by the positive reviews of her friendly testers, she and her husband decided to invest in their own business and turn their passion into work. From the beginning, they focused on organic growth - no loans, no grants. This gave them more independence and a sense of not having to succumb to the pressure of quick returns. Ewelina is responsible for creation, Grzegorz focuses on the operational and financial aspects. She is more dreamy and perfectionist, completely absorbed in creating cosmetics, while he - the ship's captain - works on a task basis. Issues like taking care of documentation, compliance with safety standards, standardization of certain activities – are close to his experience at sea. It also helps him to run the business even when being away from home. They are a cool couple in private, but they also support each other in their work on Cherry Soap.

Mastery, patience and confidence

A company is about people. In Ewelina’s view, a good manager needs to have many personal qualities for the business to grow. You definitely need to be a leader who will show the direction to others, prove that everything is possible. According to Ewelina, a key feature is also self-control and the ability to think clearly under stress. You have to know how to discover people’s potential and how to leverage on it. You have to be patient, consistent and have a healthy balance between strength and empathy. - Being confident about the direction we are going is utterly important so that our actions, communication and instructions are understood by everyone. Without good communication you will never achieve your goal," she said in an interview with our portal.

Conscious consumers are their consumers

They liked working in the cosmetics market. Although it is extremely demanding and difficult, each positive review, each regular customer gives them a great sense of satisfaction. They notice that there are more and more people who look for cosmetics very carefully. They check compositions, but do not get carried away by INCI shamans, who sometimes talk nonsense in this regard. They also notice that confidence in bloggers, who have turned their accounts into advertising pillars, is decreasing. They believe that the consumer can be convinced by quality. - Like every startup, we do everything to make our brand recognizable and convince customers to stay with us. We do not invest too much in promotion, we believe in product quality. Whispered advertising works best in our case. Sometimes we receive information from someone who is placing an order that our cream or body lotion was recommended by their friend. We are very happy about it then - they emphasize.


They both come from the Polish coast and appreciate that it is a creative cosmetic place where several well-known brands produce cosmetics: Wibo, Ziaja, Oceanic. Good winds from the sea foster creative energy. The owners of Cherry Soap always speak about their competitors with respect. They are disgusted with black PR or other unethical actions. In their opinion, it is best to do your own things and work on your own reputation instead of dealing with someone else's. When asked what distinguishes their brand, they say without much ado that they have cosmetics with very good compositions, natural, but at the same time allergy-friendly and pleasant to use (aromas, textures), beautifully served. This is important, because the use of cosmetics must be associated with pleasure. They have found out many times that the cosmetics that really passed their own skin test, gathered the best recommendations among customers at the later stage. That's why they trust their own intuition. Currently, they want to develop the brand locally. If they feel that it is the right time to try to enter other markets, they will focus on export. However, everything has its time and they do not want to speed up the development beyond their own capabilities. However, they appreciate the fact that Polish cosmetics have a good reputation abroad - this will surely be their trump card at the start.

Growing portfolio

Cherry Soap's offer includes different variants of soaps, lotions, face makeup removal products and creams. The first one to win the hearts of consumers was Opal – a hypoallergenic cream with a wide range of effects, including protection against smog, anti-wrinkle, soothing irritation and brightening. It is joined by Onyx – a modeling night cream. It is ideal for women of all ages. For younger consumers it is a great preventive cosmetic counteracting the effects of time. However, the older the skin, the cream gives more spectacular results. The skin visually becomes younger, more resilient, perfectly firmed. It is a real pleasure of care in the spirit of slow-age. The last novelty is based on prebiotic care. Tanzanit is a cream whose main task is to take care of the correct microbiome of the skin, because when it is disturbed, many problems occur. By taking care of the correct microbiome of the skin, we ensure that the complexion is free of imperfections. It is worth starting at the cleansing stage with Microbiome probiotic emulsion - thanks to the use of water-soluble oils, the brand has managed to obtain a product that cleanses and effectively cleanses the face despite the fact that it does not contain irritating surfactants in its composition.

As you can see, the brand is focused on the theme of precious stones in facial care. Nobility obliges. Cherry Soap wants to be faithful to the creation of effective, safe and innovative products that are not copies of their market competitors but their own contribution to the Polish cosmetic market.