LCA 2021 #Young Generation Choice - Bandi Young Care Glow
LCA 2021 #Young Generation Choice - Bandi Young Care Glow

Are there any particular needs of a young person’s skin? Deep cleansing is a must, so is intensive moisturizing, not to mention the importance of skin illumination highlighting its natural and youthful glow. BANDI aimed to meet those teenage expectations releasing the Young Care Glow skincare line.

The whole series works fast to effectively enhance the look of teenage skin, while at the same time working on other senses and making your daily skincare more enjoyable with inviting fruity aromas and appetizing textures. In addition, all chosen names make the products sound appealing enough to eat, and their convenient packaging reveals mesmerizing pastel colours, thus creating a consistent theme.

No more insecurities!

The YOUNG CARE GLOW series includes four alluring beauty products:

  • Lime Cleansing Foam – removes the impurities and the excess of sebum, leaving the skin clean with no make-up residue. It prevents imperfections and excessive oiliness with no dry skin effect. This product leaves the skin refreshed and visibly smoother.
  • Face Scrubbing Smoothie – a fruity peeling that effectively yet gently exfoliates the epidermis and reduces blackheads. Unlocks and reduces the visibility of the so-called skin pores, leaving the skin smoother than ever. The product moisturizes and evens out the overall skin tone.
  • Intensively Moisturizing Cream-Pudding – a light, fruity-flavoured, and moisturizing emulsion. Reduces dry skin and any traces of imperfections.
  • Lemonade Facial Tonic – a citrus, refreshing tonic in a form of a convenient mist. The product improves the process of natural exfoliation of the epidermis and successfully evens out the skin tone.

All products are guaranteed to live up to the name of the GLOW series they represent, leaving the skin illuminating and radiant.

The key to success are good ingredients

The Young Care Glow series does wonders because of the rich composition of active ingredients, such as: imperfections-removing azeloglycine, exfoliating cranberry and lime extracts, moisturizing forest fruit oil, regenerating CICA extract, whitening Vitamin C, and moisturizing trehalose.

Effectiveness, fruity aromas, appetizing consistencies – all that packed in easy-to-use products and stored in convenient and stylish packaging. In addition, the Young Care Glow series is affordable (definitely within a teenager’s budget), what makes it appealing for younger customers.

The Jury recognised the Young Care Glow series for exceptionally pleasant skincare for all skin types. The products are appealing because of their textures, scents, and – what is most important – because they are all effective! They leave the skin with a natural glow effect, moisturize it thoroughly with no negative after-effects, and they even out the overall tone, making the beauty care become a habit. Because, of course, beautiful skin requires commitment. The Instagram aesthetics, appealing names, effectiveness, and teen-skin-friendly ingredients? Highly appreciated!
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