Janda awarded with two Love Cosmetics Awards
Janda awarded with two Love Cosmetics Awards

#21st Century Solution & #Spectacular Growth Company

Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 – Winner in two categories!

In the #21st Century Solution category competition was fierce. The jury had to decide which cosmetic innovations brought a new, desirable quality of life to consumers. In 2019 edition of Love Cosmetics Awards the main prize went to JANDA company.

Currently, every day bring its challenges. Janda company decided to create a cosmetic response that protects the skin from negative impact of civilization impurities. External factors account for as much as 80% of the skin ageing rate! Cosmetics line Na Tu i Teraz  (For Here & Now) perfectly protects the skin during the day and allows it at night to regenerate.

The jury appreciated composition of the products, technologies used and the scientific stamina of the producer. From the very beginning Janda has been keeping an eye on the pulse of cosmetic innovations and solutions that ensure effectiveness of its products. In addition to the anti-wrinkle action, high-tech cosmetics of Na Tu i Teraz have been equipped with the Triple Protection System, which provides protection against air pollution, blue light (emitted by the screens of phones, TVs, tablets and computers) and UV radiation.

The recipe of products is based on very effective active ingredients, working both to significantly reduce the impact of harmful factors, accelerating skin aging, as well as those that have a strong anti-aging effect.

It was not the only award this evening for JANDA company. The company also won an award in the business category in the category #Spectacular Growth Company.

In 2018, JANDA celebrated its third year of market presence. The company quickly jumped from the start-up phase into a business that competes with the largest players on the Polish market. JANDA’s brand found its niche in a very competitive market. In a relatively short time, it has gained a group of loyal customers who appreciate the quality of beauty products, as well as the brand communication which escapes from banality and marketing schemes. The strength of JANDA is to remain effective and keep its promises.

Consumers look forward to new products of JANDA. At the same time the existing series and best-selling products do not lose their appeal. The company intends to invest strongly in development.

JANDA does not want to disappoint customers, therefore it focuses on innovation. In the manufacturing of beauty products, JANDA reaches for the best available ingredients and technologies and introduces novelties in line with the latest cosmetology knowledge. The company has a modern research laboratory where innovative product formulas are created.