5 distinct features of PL-Beauty
5 distinct features of PL-Beauty

The Polish cosmetics market is unique in every aspect. Competitive, full of ideas, sensitive to all consumer trends. It is definitely a beautiful showcase of the Polish economy.

1. Diversity

Global corporations, Polish companies with many years of experience in the industry, dynamically developing startups – this puzzle is our absolute distinguishing feature. It is difficult to find a more competitive market than the Polish one, where so many producers and distributors of cosmetics operate. Certainly, it does not make the market game easy, but thanks to that consumers gain really valuable products, in every price range.

2. Experience

Poland has almost always been famous for cosmetic products. Helena Rubinstein and Maksymilian Faktorowicz, those famous names are the world cosmetics heritage. They both came from Poland, but with their determination, talent and creativity, they created successful global brands which exist even today. Over the years of communist rule, the Poles have specialized in supplying shampoos, creams, lipsticks and eye shadows to Eastern bloc countries. Just ask any Russian about Pani Walewska – this brand still arouses great emotions and respect there. We know how to create cosmetics and we have great traditions.

3. Science

Good manufacturing traditions did not however dull the vigilance of the ambitious Polish producers. The world is rushing, no one lives in the past. Polish cosmetics companies invest heavily in research and development. On global markets, we are more and more famous for innovation and not the low prices of products. Our laboratories create innovative products. Polish cosmetics are synonyms of effectiveness and safety. Investments in innovation require competent staff. Many young Poles study at the faculties of chemistry and cosmetology. Academic centers cooperate closely with business and the world of science is still waiting for the second Maria Skłodowska-Curie.

4. Naturalness

There is a natural products boom all over the world. You could always feel close ties to nature, herbalism and old recipes in Polish cosmetics. Today we have a real flood of many natural brands. These are often companies founded by young people who hold dear the idea of no-waste, veganism or fair-trade. Many companies combine modern technologies with the use of natural components. Some brands base their recipes on typically Slavic ingredients: linden tree flower, birch, chamomile or calendula, which on foreign markets are very interesting and exotic products. After all, probably everyone knows about shea butter, but flax or black locust sound intriguing.

5. Modernity

Polish producers know that you have to react quickly to trends, that the consumer and his needs should always be the center of attention. You cannot afford mediocrity, because there is simply no place for poor brands on the market. The distinguishing feature of cooperation with Polish companies is their reliability. Polnishe Wirtschaft is more and more often a synonym of business confidence, delivered quality and timeliness. We have super-modern production plants, and we have the requirements of EU law where consumer safety is an absolute priority. At the same time, many brands feel that it is time for a slightly different communication with the consumer. Cosmetics companies are very active on social media, and messages on product labels are also far from cliché and mediocrity. It is always worth to stand out and to be remembered. Of course, at our best!

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