LCA 2021: #Pleasent Care - Stara Mydlarnia
LCA 2021: #Pleasent Care - Stara Mydlarnia

Stara Mydlarnia company celebrates its 20th birthday this year. From the very beginning it is a brand associated with pleasure of care. Care without boredom. Care immersed in sensual aromas, colors and textures. Care that relaxes, improves mood, and adds self-confidence.

The products of Stara Mydlarnia are made of vegan and vegetarian ingredients, certified by Viva! The creators of this brand deeply believe that natural formulas are the best for the skin. However, Stara Mydlarnia is not only about wealth of botanical formulas, but also about absolute pleasure and adventure for the senses. While benefits for the skin are important, the definite goal is to improve user’s mood. After all, appearance is affected by many factors: genes, lifestyle, cosmetics used, mental state. Holistic care equally cares for body and spirit, and that really matters!

Relaxing aromas of sandalwood

Love Cosmetics Awards 2021 jury awarded Stary Mydlarnia cosmetics from the Sandalwood series in the #Pleasent Care category.

Sandalwood line cosmetics are designed for the care of delicate skin that needs firming and regeneration. Which products from this line particularly delighted us? Aromatic bath powder with a high content of shea and cocoa butter and a wealth of precious natural oils: macadamia, avocado and sweet almond. This nourishing formula is perfect for dry, delicate skin that lacks radiance and firmness. Thanks to the precious ingredients the skin remains intensively oiled and no longer needs creams or lotions after bathing. A perfectly relaxing bath. A natural soap with nourishing sandalwood extract and vitamin E with antioxidant properties. The soap removes all impurities and excess sebum. It contains 72% vegetable oils and no animal fats. It does not dry out the skin. Silky body butter - contains apricot kernel oil and exotic sandalwood extracts. Natural emollients, shea butter and allantoin instantly soften, smoothen and nourish the skin, leaving a light, protective layer. The recipe is completed with provitamin B5 and antioxidant vitamin E. It leaves a subtle sandalwood scent on the skin. Nourishing hand cream with shea butter, cocoa butter and precious sandalwood extract. Use of vitamin E and sandalwood extract fights free radicals, delaying the skin aging process. Thanks to its light consistency, it is quickly absorbed and protects hands from excessive drying.

The hit of this edition of LCA were also zero-waste products in cubes, such as, among others, Sandalwood bar shampoo based on a mild, biodegradable coconut oil detergent with conditioner, shea butter, inulin, panthenol, vitamin E. It cleanses hair perfectly, doesn't dry out, and leaves hair feeling nice and silky. We also liked the massage bar balm - an easy to use way for a relaxing home massage. It is designed for dry and normal skin, but at risk of local dryness. The cube melts very well in contact with the warmth of your hands and spreads on the skin, leaving a pleasant protective layer. After the application the skin is moisturized, soft and nourished. Massaging with the cube relaxes sore muscles and perfectly soothes tired body.

The Sandalwood line from Stara Mydlarnia made us treat skin care not as a boring routine, but as an ultra-pleasant beauty ritual. The excellent composition of the products, unique textures and beautiful fragrance notes - all this allowed to perfectly relax and feel absolutely comfortable. High quality and moderate prices are an additional advantage, making Stara Mydlarnia cosmetics harmonize with the trend of democratization of beauty. We appreciate it!