Gift of Nature #Attractive Product Concept
Gift of Nature #Attractive Product Concept

Elfa Pharm Polska is a team of cosmetic enthusiasts, who have already released such brands as Vis Plantis, _Element or Green Pharmacy. Now, natural vegan cosmetics Gift of Nature by Vis Plantis joins this group. And that’s what we call the big entrance: right away with the Love Cosmetics Awards main prize.

The brand has absolutely won our hearts. One of the jurors, who has very sensitive skin and has been faithful to her proven dermocosmetic product for years, said that it has finally got a REAL competition. In her opinion, the prebiotic cream for beautiful but sensitive skin is a cosmetic that is definitely LOVE, and the whole series stood out very positively among many other competition entries.

Because every type of skin is beautiful…

Each of the jurors found their favorites and their LOVE products in the wide range of Gift of Nature cosmetics. Prebiotics are an absolute cosmetic hit, and their combination with active ingredients corresponding to different skin types produces cosmetics which, like the best friends of the skin, care for its natural microbiome and health. Gentle and effective – isn’t this the combination, seemingly of fire and water, that consumers expect? Is it possible? Sure, it is!

A great idea, excellent workmanship

However, it wasn’t only the great impressions of using cosmetics that decided about the success in the LCA competition. We also focused on other aspects that ultimately decided about awarding the company the first prize in the category of #Attractive Product Concept.

Let’s start with the outer layer. These cosmetics are distinguished by their characteristic, beautiful packaging design. Finally, something with an individual character, which is not a copy of what we have already seen on the market We appreciate the authenticity and originality.

Such are the trends

The cosmetics fit perfectly into the trends. The brand is the daughter of a larger brand, Vis Plantis. It is Vis Plantis that mainly uses the power of herbal and plant extracts proven in cosmetology.

In Gift of Nature, they are additionally combined with certified, modern active ingredients.

Gift of Nature cosmetics’ compositions are very good, characterized by high content of natural ingredients. Moreover, they are vegan cosmetics, and today there is a real market boom for such products.

Comprehensive care

Cosmetics provide comprehensive care for the face, body and hair. They smell great, which makes everyday treatments a pleasure far from routine. They are affordable, which we also consider to be their great advantage – the democratization of beauty is particularly close to us.

The products are divided according to a simple key – the leading ingredient and active ingredients are matched to the color-coded skin or hair type. This helps every woman easily adjust her daily care to her needs.

Leading ingredients and color coding:

  • Oregano, green: mixed complexion, dehydrated skin, oily hair
  • Nigella, light pink: sensitive face and body skin, fine and delicate hair
  • Cistus, dark pink: couperose skin
  • Liquorice and jasmine, blue: dry skin and hair

The creators of the brand, which Elfa Pharm boasts of, wanted to create cosmetics that would have high quality, but their price would be affordable:

– Women deserve very good cosmetics and do not have to overpay them. There was a shortage of products on our market which, while maintaining a low price, would still have a very good composition and proven performance. It is no coincidence that we have prebiotic products in our offer, which effectively strengthen the skin microbiome. Therefore, we are all proud of Gift of Nature and we hope that consumers will love our youngest brand as much as we do – says Dorota Topolska, President of Elfa Pharm Polska and a lover of natural care.

We fully agree. In our opinion, the brand is definitely a LOVE BRAND and we believe that it will bring out only positive emotions among the consumers!