Yope: We Always Want to be Proud of Our Products
Yope: We Always Want to be Proud of Our Products

Paweł Kosowicz, co-owner of the Yope brand, about whether the rule “stand out or die” is still valid in marketing…

When I was opening my cosmetic company together with my wife, we started from outlining a map of threats that can be faced by companies that have been on the market for years.

They work in accordance with certain standards, because that gives them expected and desired results. However, it is certain that this standardization means that most products are very similar to each other.

We had to break all standards when entering the market. We felt that we would find our place if we went against the current. Both in terms of packaging design, cost calculation, recipes. Why? It’s probably obvious. If we did something that is probably at present more reliable on the market, but still similar to hundreds of existing products, then we would have disappeared in the crowd. Especially being a completely new, still unknown brand. Our intention to go against the current was our strength – in the end we had nothing to lose.

For us, the issue of setting ourselves apart from market competitors is important. However, one should also remember about maintaining the brand integrity i.e. our offer, composition of products, appearance of packaging, but also the way we show our products in marketing communication. You can see it on our Instagram account. We are consistent in creating our distinctive, visual world of the Yope brand. We wanted Yope to be different and unique. That is why you can see little animals on packaging of our products.

The composition formulation is also different. Without SLS, PEG, parabens, silicones, mineral oils. What distinguishes us is the fragrance. We tend towards less obvious, courageous, more intriguing scents. Those that we like, but which are not necessarily promoted for the season by fragrance producers. Our products leave a pleasant scent on the skin for a long time. We offer a banal hand cream, but thanks to its unique fragrance, we provide the consumer with unrivalled experience.

Often, when the cheaper and more expensive products are benchmarked, it turns out that their contents are similar, but the differences in price are huge. Our price reflects what went into the manufacture of the product. It is as simple as that.

The goal we set for ourselves is never to compromise on quality. We are constantly raising the bar. We always want to be proud of our products.