Irena Eris Tongue in Cheek about Wealth
Irena Eris Tongue in Cheek about Wealth

“Gazeta Wyborcza” daily published a series of talks under the slogan “100 companies for the centenary of Polish independence.” The newspaper published an interview with Irena Eris, founder and co-owner of Dr Irena Eris company. She speaks there in an ironic way about wealth.

Is it worth spending big money?

For what?

For a private plane, for example.

In my opinion, no.

You can move faster. It is probably more comfortable.

You must have confused me, gentlemen, with someone else – I’m not that rich. I prefer to buy a ticket, take a cruise plane and fly wherever I want.

The yacht is not there either. Because…

I do not sail, so I do not have a yacht and I’m not going to have one.

Any expensive hobby?

The usual ones. I go to the theater, the cinema, I read.

Do people envy your money?

Jealousy is a very negative feeling. What I have achieved and what I have, I owe my work. I remember sleepless nights, the stress… How hard it was. And I know that nothing is achieved without work. Of course, people probably think differently… That rich will not understand the poor…

Do you understand a man in the street?

I am such a man in the street.

Please, do not joke…

I do my shopping myself.

You do not have a housekeeper to do your errands?

I do not – I manage fine on my own.

Is there something the rich envy other rich?

I’m not jealous of anything. It’s easier to live this way. I’m just doing my job.

Once a businessman told us that some of the rich people still regret that they are not richer, because you can always have a yacht a meter longer or a more expensive car…

There is a limit in wealth that satisfies human needs. I prefer to invest in my company…

source: Gazeta Wyborcza, “How much does the beauty cost”, Leszek Kostrzewski and Piotr Miączyński talked to Irena Eris.