Floslek: Proud of Being Polish. PL-Beauty Is Coming!
Floslek: Proud of Being Polish. PL-Beauty Is Coming!

Katarzyna Furmanek, president of Floslek Laboratorium, on PL-Beauty concept:

I believe that the quality of our products supports the reputation of not only the industry but also the country.

FLOSLEK Laboratorium has been building the reputation of Polish cosmetics for 25 years by offering its customers the highest quality products for skin care and protection.

For several years, since we started actively participating in the world’s largest cosmetics industry meetings in Bologna, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Seoul, we have seen cosmetics “made in Poland” becoming a desirable product in the remotest parts of the globe.

Foreign partners appreciate FLOSLEK cosmetics primarily for high quality and a wide range of offered products, including highly specialized pharmaceutical preparations.

It is the quality of products and the safety of their use that were and still are our priority. Already 16 years ago, we implemented the Quality Assurance System, certified by ISO 9001:2015. In 2012, as one of the first cosmetics companies in Poland, we received a certificate confirming the use of procedures based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system in the manufacturing of our preparations. It means that we can communicate with a clear conscience that FLOSLEK cosmetics are safe and are characterized by the highest quality.

For us and our business partners, the key issue is the effectiveness of preparations confirmed by tests performed in independent, accredited research laboratories.

Only the results confirmed by application and apparatus tests are placed on the packaging. Quality systems and modern technology ensure the repeatability and consistency of the next batches of manufactured cosmetic products.

Foreign partners appreciate the flexibility of Polish producers, which is indispensable, for example, when including information required by a given market on packaging in a short time.

What makes Floslek cosmetics stand out is their rich composition and high content of plant-derived ingredients. During our communication with foreign customers, we emphasize that for years our preparations have been combining the best in nature with the latest cosmetology achievements. When creating new formulations, we use the expertise and know-how of our specialists from the R&D laboratory. We are constantly looking for new substances and methods to care for and protect the skin more effectively. Whatever we do today, we want to do it better tomorrow.

Every day we look for solutions for challenges seemingly impossible to overcome. And every year, we surprise our customers with innovative solutions and provide them with interesting new products. Polish cosmetics mean a broad variety of products on offer, preparations precisely dedicated to a given age range of the recipient or a given problem with skin care.

We have always specified the country of origin on the packaging of FLOSLEK cosmetics: Made in Poland. We strive to make it a guarantee of high quality, the safety of use and innovation. I believe that the quality of our products works for the reputation of not only the industry but also the country. Our cosmetics are undoubtedly a hallmark of the Polish economy.