Justyna Żukowska-Bodnar: Honesty is the Key
Justyna Żukowska-Bodnar: Honesty is the Key

Co-owner of the brand shares with us some insights about Alkemie…

What do you think is the most important thing in the cosmetics business?

Honesty. In every field. Innovation and the ability to predict trends. Cosmetics business requires constant monitoring of the global commodity market and proper introduction of implementations. Good, effective products will always defend themselves.

Plans versus reality – did it turn out that something needs to be modified to make the business better?

The company is a living organism, especially as dynamically developing as ours is. We are constantly correcting the chosen paths and, like everyone else, we make mistakes. We try to learn from them and correct them as fast as possible. Certainly, our days are too short for us and there are not enough hands to work. The choice of specialization in natural cosmetics creates a whole lot of problems. Creating a stable recipe is much more difficult than in the case of classical cosmetics chemistry, raw materials between various batches differ, for example because of the time of harvest or the degree of insolation. Frequently, all kinds of problems happen when the products are delivered to Poland. The range of preservatives is limited, and each raw material has its own specific fragrance. Fortunately, the gap between the availability of raw materials and the degree of their advancement today and five years ago is enormous. The effectiveness of the product depends only on the knowledge and imagination of the implementation specialist.

Do you react immediately to various ideas and suggestions in business, or prefer to take more time to take possible actions?

We try to develop constantly. We are working on something new all year round: on a new, better recipe, new product, new line or new brand. We also design private brands for our clients, so every day brings a new challenge for us. We do not rest on our laurels, because we love to create new cosmetics, look for innovative resources, which have been unused so far, and constantly collect and catalog ideas for the look of the brand. We are very grateful for the suggestions for changes. It does not matter whether they come from our business partners, from clients or from our loved ones … During periodical brainstorming we discuss them and implement the most relevant ones.

source: WirtualneKosmetyki.pl