The strength of Love Cosmetics Awards lies in its professional jury. Jolanta Fraszyńska, an excellent film and theater actress, presents us her reflections on the competition with focus on #emotions value.

Invitation to be a judge is a huge responsibility, but also a great joy. I tested cosmetics with friends, family, makeup artists, dresser ladies in the theater. Everyone tested the products with great pleasure, decidedly more frequently praising than criticizing. Anyway, even in the case of criticism, most often it was not about disappointment, but just not all cosmetic products are suitable for everyone.

Cosmetics market is abundant, incredibly fast developing and adapting perfectly to trends.

I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but I’m not rigid, because in my rush (sometimes out of laziness) I don’t examine the label and composition very carefully. However, once I put my mind to it, I want to have a guarantee that what I apply to my skin is as valuable as what I eat. However, there is a place for deviations from these rules in my life philosophy. Sometimes I will consume something that is not necessarily healthy (I drink coffee or eat sweets). Sometimes, I apply something that is not one hundred percent organic on my face, too – in my approach I find a golden mean and it has a very positive effect on my psyche 🙂 I do not reproach myself because the most important thing is to treat myself with gentleness, love and understanding.

What I discovered in this competition is the fact that so many cosmetic companies are founded out of a sincere need, a true passion for nature, the desire to draw from it, without interference and devastation, in harmony with nature. Many companies were founded because tired ladies broke up with corporate exploiters. They want to be free and want to shape and improve this world according to their own truth. It is very comforting to me. I keep my fingers crossed for them!

My absolute fascination: Emerald Beetles (Szmaragdowe Żuki) My absolute fascination No.1. Tilia cream for dry and normal skin has no astringent effect, leaves the skin velvety and moisturized, has a very soothing mild scent. I have already bought another jar! I recommend Linum body cream by the same company, with flax extract as its main ingredient. Truly, a sensational product.

Felicea Natural – natural makeup removing oil, vegan product, unscented. This oil perfectly removes all makeup, also the scenic makeup. I use it to clean my eyelids and the whole face, I pour some on my palm, I apply it all over my face and eyes, wash it as if with water and remove the excess with tissues. The skin is clean, the oil works well even on eyelashes thick with mascara.

Ava Laboratory products – I am absolutely in love with the entire Ava series. Each skin type will find a care product dedicated to it. I want to underline here the Youth Activator Retinol 100%, fantastically suitable for skin with discoloration and beautifully brightens and evens out its tone. Coenzyme Q10 really makes the skin appear younger, better toned, rested and beautifully moisturized. The skin is matte and the foundation spreads well. Men’s cosmetics (washing gel and cream) made the man who is resistant to the use of beauty care products, who does manual labor and has been rather a staunch opponent of applying anything to his face, began using these cosmetics and sees their advantages on his own skin – it is less rough and tightened and it is well moisturized. We have another customer. 🙂

Miya Cosmetics – I have learned about this brand for the first time thanks to our contest and I have already found a cosmetic product that I will be returning to – myStarLighter highlighter cream formula which reduces dark circles under my eyes to a large extent, reflects light, is lightweight, does not stay between wrinkles. In my opinion, it is an excellent product.

I had a wonderful experience with Uzdrovisco, a very pleasant return to nature. Gentle hydrating cream for the use all day long smells nice, has a very light consistency, absorbs very quickly, does not leave a greasy film, it is ideal for mature skin as well as for older children. Their morning cream, oil essence plus evening cream are also very good.

M’onduniq –  Peeling Lamellaire and Masque Riche, face masks with a great consistency of formula. I leave both products on for the night without rinsing and in the morning my skin is nourished and pleasantly smooth.

Make Me BIO – I really like it; I found all its products totally captivating.

Prouve – I liked their molecular perfume very much, just as the moisturizing hand cream and the moisturizing gel for body washing. I will say this: the scent of these products is absolutely addictive.

Biały Jeleń (White Deer). I really love this company – because of its Polish character, because of my fondness for gray soap, for the fact that the brand has a pharmacy line of products for allergic skin.  Their face care cream is light as a mist, well absorbed, non-greasy. Very gentle on the skin, does not irritate, even the atopic skin.

Naturativ – a genuine home spa. The hand cream of this brand is also very nice – it soothes not only chapped skin on hands, but its fragrance also soothes the stressed head.

I have also words of praise for Biolaven, Sylveco, Vianek, Yope for the entirety of their work and the number of products, as there is a lot to choose from. Brooklyn Groove has excellent cosmetics with plants and their deodorant cream. I recommend tołpa Spa Detox mud bath – despite leaving the bathtub black it is absolutely worth the trouble. And a personalized LaQ soap with the logo of our contest and my photo – it was wonderful!


Jolanta Fraszyńska: An excellent film and theater actress. A woman curious about the world and sensitive to its beauty in every dimension. She loves simplicity, order and harmony. Mature woman with youthful energy and beauty. Privately, she is a big fan of cosmetic innovations, especially interested in the natural cosmetics area.