Love Cosmetics Awards is our annual fantastic adventure.

A huge number of applications from companies from each market segment allows to see with what the industry is fighting for the customer’s attention. How do brands define themselves? How do they stand out? What are their ideas? Where do they look for a competitive advantage?

The sector is absolutely dynamic, lively and creative. It keeps abreast of the current trends. It was once again a great pleasure to host all creative brands on the LCA. During the competition, the judges shared their first impressions on social media. Each subsequent entry, however, confirmed our conviction that with so many fantastic cosmetics, the choice would be neither easy nor obvious. And it wasn’t.

Zoom Session Meetings

Due to the pandemic, we didn’t meet the jurors face-to-face, but via Zoom. Virtual meetings allowed us not only to select the most interesting brands and products, but also to compare certain market solutions of our competitors, take into account different consumer perspectives, check how a cosmetic product fits into a specific competition category. In some cases we were unanimous, in other cases we were completely wrong. Such is life. That is why the sum of collected points was decisive for the victory.

Blue Love

We regret that we cannot award prizes during the gala, and the winners and finalists deserve such a setting. This year’s LCA, like our whole reality, has been marked by a pandemic. We will certainly remember this date well. However, I believe that for our winners the Love Cosmetics Awards will be a bright point of this weird year.

Because of the pandemic, the color of this year’s statue is blue. This is the color of hope for us.

We are sorry that we are not celebrating the grand finale together, but we believe that it will only get better! Anyway, you have recently proved that the cosmetics sector does not give in without a fight, but faces challenges.

Between the Trends

This year’s winners fit into a variety of cosmetic, consumer and business trends. While presenting the winners, we will talk a little bit about what stands out on the market today. The important factors are definitely innovation, using the latest developments in dermatology and relying on excellent quality ingredients. This is the only way to create high class and effective products. It is proven by winners of such categories as:  #Top Dermo Novelty – Pharmaceris, #True Innovation – Yonelle, #Skin Expert – Kireskin, #Inspired by Science – Dr Rymsza, #Advanced Face Care – BasicLab or #Outstanding Ingredients – Sensum Mare.

I am Green

Naturalness, ecology and the zero-waste trend are definitely very strong trends in the sector. We can definitely see that almost all brands are currently focusing on ecology: both large corporations as well as startups which have specialized in this category. We welcome the democratization of beauty, also in the context of eco brands. Naturalness is more and more often accompanied by an economic price which is in line with the purchasing potential of Polish women. We are also more and more pleased with eco-solutions in the matter of packaging – the possibility of returning glass bottles to the producer, refills, innovative raw materials replacing plastic. Very interesting solutions, skin-friendly (natural composition) and planet-friendly (less-waste projects) are proposed by, among others, the winners of the following categories: #Breakthrough Idea – Floslek Laboratory, #Daily Beauty Star – Iossi, #Vegan Friendly – Pure by Clochee, #Natural Beauty – Bielenda, #Top Eco Solution – GLOV, #Glossy Hair – Ziolove, #Foot Friendly – Lavido, #Prime Packaging – Veoli Botanica or #Excitinig Business Idea – Uzdrovisco.

In the Insta-world

Cosmetic brands, especially those dedicated to young people, must have a natural affinity for the social media. It is where life, communication, dialogue takes place now. There is a space to look for inspiration, but also to inspire others. Communicating stories about your brand. Modern storytelling. Playing with convention. Bilateral communication. We’ve been learning about the brands that feel at home in this virtual world. They have fantastic packaging design, excellent interactive channels, they establish interesting cooperation, use their reach not only to promote products, but also socially important ideas. We would like to pay tribute to the winners of the following awards: #Young Generation Choice – Girls&Boys, #Moments of Pleasure – Dr. Gloderm, – #Top Series – Ziaja, #Real Men’s World – LaQ, #Social Media Star – Eveline Cosmetics, #Feel The Trend – Phlov, #Social Media Love Brand – Neo Nail or #More Than Accessories – Foreo. Insta-world is also about makeup. Even if so far some people say that masks are cooling down a little the drive to do make up, girls want to remain themselves. They feel better with their lips painted, especially before a social meeting on Skype or a company “call”. There is also an increase  of photos posted online of beautifully painted eyes in faces covered with face masks. Awards for #MakeUp Trendsetter – L’Oreal Paris, #Lovely Makeup – Bourjois, #My Colors – Neo Make Up, #Girls First – Affect Cosmetics.

Cosmetics are Pleasure

An absolute truism. Consumers love products that are associated with pleasure, sensory experience, harmony of spirit and body. The self-care trend has a bright future. We rediscovered it in the time of pandemic. Locked indoors, stressed out, suddenly burdened with excess time… A lot of women started to use this time for home treatments. In their opinion it is safe alternative to salon treatments these days. Anyway, it has been the only possible one for a long time, because beauty salons have been closed for a long time now. Such atmosphere of intimacy, pleasure and home spa is provided by our category winners: #Luxury Touch – Creamy, #Home SPA Pleasure – Old Soap Room, #Pleasant Care – Hagi Cosmetics, #Unforgettable Experience – Melo Cosmetics, #Buddy Of my Body – Vita Liberata, #Quality Beyond Expectation – Samarite, #Surprise Element – Plantea, #Premium Class – Plants Laboratories. Speaking of salons! It’s a good thing that even before the announcement of the lockdown, we made it with #Professional Experience, where we rewarded the Indigo protein treatment. The scents themselves are also a pleasure, at the same time perfectly expressing style and personality. In this edition, #His Sensational Fragrance prize was won by Allvernum for the Grasse men’s collection, and #Her Sensational Fragrance – Oriflame for the Magnetista perfume.

Only What is Good for You

This year’s motto will be health. Paradoxically, only the pandemic made us realize how important it is to us. Soap has returned to the top of sales, and antibacterial gel has become the object of desire. More and more frequently – also in skin care – consumers are paying attention to cosmetics that care for natural microbiome of the skin, support its repair processes and respond to various dysfunctions. The composition of cosmetics is very important for consumers, both what there is in the product and what there is not. We have therefore also taken this aspect into account. Congratulations to the winners of the following categories: #Attractive Product Concept – Gift of Nature, #Attractive Brand Concept – Bosqie, #Choice For Kids – Sylveco, #Healthy Solution – Nutka, #Handy Solution – Yope, #Allergic Skin Solution – Tolpa, #Dermo Beauty Routine – Nova Clear, #Worldwide Inspiration – Eveline Cosmetics or #Sporty Style – Cherry Soap.

A Proven Ally

Cosmetic brands must meet the needs of consumers. They must meet the expectations, needs and lifestyle. Draw on the best traditions and patterns. Help to overcome certain challenges. In communication, we put less emphasis on “you must” and more on “you can”. Provide unquestionable quality, which makes the brand close and certain. Not to disappoint – that is, first of all, to fulfill the declared promises. To offer the best solutions for our consumer challenges. Such close relations between the brand and the consumer: excellent communication, friendly atmosphere, well-chosen brand ambassadors and beautiful campaigns were found in the winning brands of the categories: #Best Day Ever – Resibo, #Best Night Ever – Slaap, #Forever Young – Yoskine, #Pro-Age Solution – Janda, #Simplicity Rules – Krayna.

Business is People

There are strong people behind every strong brand. Success does not come from nowhere. It stems from the competence of the team and the true passion of the leaders. There are people, such as Dorota Soszyńska, who have simply become personal brands. They are strongly identified with the companies they run. Why? Because they know how important storytelling is. Authenticity. Dialogue. Communication. Therefore the #Impactful Personal Brand statue goes to the co-owner of Oceanic.

And now, a company which is a little younger, but has expressive owners: Aleksandra Lemmle and Elżbieta Karwik. We love the spirit of the Be The Sky Girl brand – very much in tune with social and cultural changes – just #Girlhood Rules!

Bielenda remains a benchmark for many companies in the context of marketing activities. You can see that in this company no trend has been missed, communication is very open, the power of the Internet is used to the benefit of the company and the portfolio meets the needs of many consumer groups. Statue for #Best-In-Class-Marketing – congratulations!

Author: Lidia Lewandowska
CEO Cosmetics Insight Poland,, Love Cosmetic Awards