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Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 – Winner

Oceanic is constantly developing, researching the market and watching trends in order to respond to current needs and expectations of customers in the best possible way.

Oceanic was the first Polish company that gave serious thought to the problem of allergic skin, and consequently, created the AA line. As the first brand in Poland, it proposed a division of products into the age categories: 18+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70 years old. This innovative approach inspired many other manufacturers, and the market success motivated Oceanic to look for new, innovative solutions.

This is how unique products were created for customers with special requirements, such as Oncoderma – a line of cosmetic products for cancer patients, or AA Therapy for Diabetics. The company’s portfolio has expanded with the Oillan series, emollient-based products, meeting the needs of the most demanding skin, even struggling with dermatological problems.

The serum stimulating the growth of eyelashes turned out to be the bestseller in the company’s portfolio. This, in turn, gave rise to the Long4Lashes brand, which is currently being dynamically developed. Its products are selling very well in Poland and in numerous other markets.

Love Cosmetics Awards 2019 gala – Dorota Soszyńska (Oceanic co-owner) and Jolanta Fraszyńska (member of LCA jury)

The effectiveness of products is the key to gaining consumer confidence. AA cosmetics fulfill their promises by combining safe care with spectacular effects. The AA Wings of Color makeup series is a full range of skin-friendly cosmetics, suitable for allergy sufferers, safe in contact with even the most sensitive complexion, and at the same time providing excellent makeup quality. The products of the Long4Lashes or Less4Age brands are also characterized by high efficiency and rapid action. Medications and other medical products enjoy the trust of pharmacy consumers, occupying the first place in terms of sales in many categories.

The company’s success is the effect of many years of experience, understanding of consumer needs and observing trends, as well as in-depth research carried out in cooperation with the Laboratory of Particle Engineering. The discoveries are patented and then used to create further recipes. Annually, the Oceanic Research and Implementation Laboratory creates about 300 new formulas.