MOKOSH Cosmetics is a Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics. The team of the company founded by two sisters-in-law consists of non-accidental people with clearly defined goals. They strive to make their brand the best showcase of their home country on the international market of natural cosmetics, and the start of cooperation with is a good step to achieve this goal.

MOKOSH is an ecological brand, present in spa hotels and beauty parlours, so it is inseparably associated with the philosophy of wellness. The manufacturer’s initial assortment consisted of one-component formulas. Later on, cosmetics for comprehensive body and face care were introduced, containing natural ingredients from all over the world, including those from Poland. Today, MOKOSH is a brand known on the market for its care for the quality and safety of products, as well as for the natural environment.

A definite distinction and appreciation for the MOKOSH team is the invitation to cooperate with, which brings together the best luxury brands in the world. This international chain of perfumeries has decided to present to its customers natural cosmetics manufacturers operating on local markets.

Commenting on the launch of new cooperation, Douglas Polska said:

The aim of the perfumery is to promote exceptional brands that stand out on the market. MOKOSH is for us such a brand – safe for the health of the skin, in line with the trend of natural cosmetics and, most importantly, created on the Polish soil. 

We want our customers to find only the best for them. The presence of MOKOSH products in our offer is an absolute guarantee of this.