The beginning of the A F F E C T brand was the idea of two creative women who have decided to give their dreams a real shape. At the core of the brand were not only the business ideas, but also the goals and values which formed the basis for creating the best quality products.

Each letter of the name A F F E C T is significant and despite the development and evolution of the brand, the company’s philosophy remains unchanged. Welcome to our brand – we will reveal to you what is most important to us.

A for Attractiveness

We are guided by the idea that every woman deserves to feel good and look attractive. We deserve good quality cosmetics that do not damage our skin, that meet our expectations and at the same time are available at a reasonable price. Our dream is to see streets full of women with a sense of self-worth and attractiveness. We try to make Affect cosmetics to help them the best they can.

F for Fair

For us being fair is not just a text on the packaging that describes correctly the actual condition of the product. By “fair” we mean, above all, non-invasive functioning in our environment, using what nature offers, and no animal testing. We also care about transparency and clear messages, so that decisions about shopping for our cosmetics could be an informed choice.

F for Functionality

We know that today what we lack the most is time. We want to save the time of our customers as much as possible, which is why Affect cosmetics are easy to apply, adapted to the use by even an unskilled hand, while their quality and durability is equal to products for professionals.

E for Effectiveness

The motto of trainings organized by us is “the Affect Effect”. What does it exactly mean? First of all, the highest quality and providing women with products that we would like to use ourselves. Efficiency is also achieved through active listening to customers and openness to their needs. Our “effect” is building trust and long-term relationships with women, due to which we can constantly develop and meet their expectations.

C for Consistency

We make sure that women who are with us from the beginning, can still recognize the specificity and character of Affect cosmetics in our new products. Despite the changes and the evolution which are the inseparable elements of the brand’s development, we want certain things to remain unchanged – the quality of our products, attention to the smallest details of each cosmetic product, the introduction of a line of items that fit together perfectly and make it possible to combine them with older products. The originators of the brand continue to create it, which is why we can keep the continuity of their ideas.

T for Totality

Each Affect product is treated as a whole. Already at the time of planning we make sure that nothing escapes our attention in individual stages. From carefully designed packaging, through the texture and pleasant smell to pigmentation and durability – our cosmetics are supposed to work on all of the senses. Each of them has to create a complete whole, which at the same time perfectly harmonizes with other products of the brand. In addition, from the beginning, we offer a selection of cosmetics that allows you to complete your makeup using only Affect products.