Love Cosmetics Awards is an exceptional competition. Participation is for companies operating in Poland, but the prize is global. Our goal is to present what is the most interesting in P-Beauty on an international scale.

Expert way

The strength of this competition lies in its professional jury. Today, the judges in many contests almost exclusively consist of celebrities who, as everyone knows, know everything and are happy to comment on everything. It does not matter that it usually makes no sense … We escaped this dead-end making competence the priority. We have specialists who know about brands and business activity in social media, experts on cosmetic product formulas and the effect of cosmetics on skin, as well as journalists who have been writing about the beauty and economy market for many years.

Natural development direction

Market trends focus, as if in a lens, in such competitions as the LCA. We have therefore been able to spot certain phenomena that seem to be important: from the perspective of the cosmetics industry as well as the needs and expectations of consumers.

You can certainly still see a growing interest in natural cosmetics. This is no longer a niche only for small boutique brands, but a space that large players also want to develop. Everyone here is looking for a way to express themselves. Sometimes a given brand is characterized by certain ingredients, sometimes expressive communication, sometimes certificates which guarantee that greenwashing has not place in here. Among natural cosmetics also some sub-trends can be seen: vegan, zero-waste, fair-trade, local. One thing they certainly share (although it is a bit risky from a marketing point of view) is the similarity of many brands of packaging. Dark glass and minimalism – even at the level of labels sometimes brands look like peas in a pod.


Winters in the northern hemisphere become ever milder, but the smog is more and more troubling. For good many years, by looking at the shelves of drugstores, you could see that producers have been limiting their range of cosmetics for extremely cold weather, but for some two seasons there have been a significant increase in cosmetics with detox in the name and antioxidants in their composition. Besides, not only the smog is a scare. After all, processed food, stimulants, not enough sleeping and too much stress, and much more, have negative effect on the complexion. Fortunately, creams are there to the rescue. And shampoos too, because this year detox is also the high fashion for hair.

Blue light, mikrobiome

The cosmetics industry focuses on innovation. The most important ideas, which are increasingly entering the consumers’ awareness, are protection against HEV and care for natural skin microbiome. Blue light emitted by computers or mobile phones proves to be a serious stimulator of the attack of free radicals and as a result of accelerated aging of the skin. Today it is not only necessary to check whether the cream has SPF and how high it is, but also whether it protects against the blue light. Anyway, creams are not unique in this respect, there are even lip balms with this type of protection! Microbiome is a very reasonable concept. Don’t get rid of good bacteria on the skin, because this way you double harm it. You will not only damage and seriously dry the skin but even create the ideal conditions for multiplying pathogens. Therefore, prebiotics and probiotics in the composition of cosmetics make sense.

Boutique brands

It is a pretty good time for niche brands. Consumers focus their attention on them because these brands provide interesting, often more creative, committed, sincere and very well locally embedded alternative to corporate names. Sometimes small companies and their brands can arouse great interest and applause for their carefully developed products. Of course, not everyone will be able to convince retailers from large chain stores. Anyway, not everyone is aspiring to be in the biggest drugstores. For some, the scale of e-commerce and ecological fairs is enough. However, several young brands can celebrate their success – first appearing on the shelves of the largest retailers, then achieving the set sales thresholds (the best companies not only quickly achieved the minimum goals, but their sales significantly soared up). It is also evident that many Polish companies today can feel the “born-global” strategy. They quickly decide on developing export and some of them are excellent at it, because their brands are available on many markets. As you can see, the glass ceiling can be broken. It requires hard work and commitment, but the success of some companies encourages others to try their hand.

The world is a global village

The cosmetics industry certainly draws inspiration from many corners of the world. The recent years have belonged to Asia, K-Beauty and J-Beauty. These are certainly very intriguing trends in skin care, no wonder they caught here as well. However, not on a 1: 1 scale. Polish women yet prefer somewhat simplified schemes and often do not have as much time in the morning for beauty care procedures as Korean women. We therefore get sort of cosmetic fusion, without sticking to rigid rules. We like cloth masks, pay attention to fragrant Asian ingredients and masks or balms referring to the Ayurveda tradition, we are fond of the simplicity and pleasure of cosmetic hygge-products. The open markets, but also curiosity and openness of consumers to novelty, favor the fusion of trends. Our Polish herbs are sometimes exotic items for Asian or Arab women and they also pique positive interest …

P-Beauty can feel the trends

The contest judges were delighted with the ingenuity of cosmetics companies, sometimes even felt overwhelmed by the amount of products for testing. Love Cosmetics Awards, however, is the proof that the Polish cosmetics market is extremely competitive. To be successful here, regardless of whether you are a small Polish family company or a company quite average on the market, whether you play in the cosmetic big league or are a part of a global company, you must focus on quality, constantly respond to consumer trends and needs, be close to your clients and never, ever stop striving to become a lovebrand, because when you love someone, even possible mistakes are easier to forgive.