Love Cosmetics Awards – Our Global Idea
Love Cosmetics Awards – Our Global Idea

International character

The award will have both a national and international nature. A name recognizable everywhere in the world, clear visual identification and the planned global advertising campaign will promote the winning products on the world’s largest cosmetics markets, including USA, the European Union, United Arab Emirates and Japan.

The idea of the Love Cosmetics Awards originator – Lidia Lewandowska, the founder the portal – is to create internationally recognized competition brand. The award and accompanying activities will support not only the objectively best products with their image, but also the whole dynamically developing cosmetics market in Poland: producers, distributors, start-ups and global concerns present in our country.


It will be a competition built on three values: quality, reliability and independence. The submitted products will be assessed by a professional jury consisting of outstanding experts in their fields – market, brand, science, quality, social media and communication.

According to the competition taglines: #brand #emotions #quality the winner can only be a cosmetic concept which is a real brand, brings out only positive emotions and ensures the highest quality for consumers.

The consumer in the center of attention

The contemporary cosmetics market is changing every day and requires modern methods of communication with the consumer and creative promotion of the brand in business contacts. The imitative awards awarded in cliché categories are the things of the past.

Today the consumer needs to be intrigued, involved and encouraged to discover the uniqueness offered by a given brand. What counts is the engaging message that encourages sharing with others. The Love Cosmetics Awards will determine the winners not through trivial product categories, but from the point of view of the consumer. After all, we all know that ultimately the market is governed by the customer – their emotions, needs and expectations.

Business awards

The success of the Cosmetics Insight Poland company and the portal is the result of several years of market experience of their founder. We always evaluate the market from a broad perspective, and our analyzes are always in-depth, reliable and objective. We strive to look to the future and promote the Polish cosmetics industry as a unique example of the success of the entire industry after the transformation period. We can still see a lot of development potential in it and we are already doing a lot to widely promote this most beautiful showcase of the Polish economy.

This also gives us the right to evaluate and reward not only products, but also companies that deserve the best corporate PR in Poland and abroad. These will not be empty concepts and undefined special rewards, but credibly legitimate distinctions that promote initiatives that go beyond market clichés.

„If you feel that you have the real Love Cosmetics in your offer, please submit your applications. This will be a clear message to your customers around the world that they are dealing with a truly unique product. I also cordially invite partners representing other international markets and institutions dealing in the promotion of the cosmetics industry, trade and matching business partners to cooperate with us. Together let us give this initiative an additional impulse for development in the countries represented by you! If you have any questions, please contact me.”

Lidia Lewandowska