Dermorevitalizing cream by Bielenda Professional Supremelab – the Winner of the LOVE COSMETICS AWARDS 2024
Dermorevitalizing cream by Bielenda Professional Supremelab – the Winner of the LOVE COSMETICS AWARDS 2024

These three Bielenda Professional Supremelab creams are united by the idea of deep reconstruction and restoration of skin balance.

They are designed for skin with signs of aging (very first or more advanced), in need of renewal.

The brand, highly regarded as an expert in professional care - has used effective, advanced active ingredients and skin-friendly, biocompatible formulas in them. The base active ingredient of each cream is a restructuring organic silica. These products help reduce the signs of aging, and affect the reconstruction and restructuring of the skin.

At the same time, each of them addresses specific problems of different skin types and has an additional, targeted effect - stimulating, revitalizing or regenerating.

Each cream is based on a complex of active ingredients - selected in such a way that they enhance and complement their actions. These are innovative combinations of substances inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments and the latest trends in the beauty industry.

Dermorevitalizing cream by Bielenda Professional Supremelab – the Winner of the LOVE COSMETICS AWARDS 2024

Revitalizes, enhances skin vitality and has strong antioxidant effects. Formulated with copper peptides (to improve firmness and elasticity, and to regenerate), polynucleotides (fragments of DNA and RNA nucleic acids with biorevitalizing and anti-oxidant properties), vitamin C (in the ultra-stable form of ethylated ascorbic acid) and organic silica (with restructuring and stimulating effects). The innovative skin-friendly cosmetic quickly and effectively improves the condition of the skin.

Dermostimulating cream by Bielenda Professional Supremelab

Stimulates renewal processes, smooths wrinkles and improves skin density and firmness. Its formula includes growth factors (ingredients that stimulate regenerative processes), phyto-collagen (plant collagen with revitalizing, moisturizing effects and strengthening the hydrolipid barrier), anti-wrinkle peptide complex, lactobionic acid (which improves skin texture and color), as well as restructuring and stimulating organic silica.

Lipid-protective and revitalizing cream by Bielenda Professional Supremelab

Intensively regenerates and strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. Formulated with amino acids (with restorative, moisturizing and protective effects), lactoferrin (a prebiotic that supports the maintenance of a healthy microbiome and increases resistance to external factors), ceramides (which promote renewal, protect against water loss and protect the skin barrier), as well as strongly moisturizing squalane and organic silica.


Already in previous editions of the LCA, cosmetics of the Bielenda Professional Supremelab received very positive reviews. It is clear that the brand enjoys increasing market popularity, which is unique because it is built on consumers' trust. This is due to very precisely developed formulations. Technologists create them, by combining active ingredients that have been well known for years (and with proven effects), with innovative solutions that set new opportunities for the beauty industry. As a result, the care is extremely effective, which is appreciated by fans of the brand. Our award-winning dermorevitalizing cream perfectly improves the appearance of skin that lacks vitality due to age, as a result of fatigue or long-term stress. It makes the complexion look fresh, radiant and healthy in a short time. It visually rejuvenates, restores a nice tone to the face, and provides optimal hydration. Its formula is extremely lightweight and non-overloading. It does not irritate, does not disappoint - it is a great choice regardless of whether we are in our 30s or 50s. Its advantages have already been confirmed this year in the competition Kosmetyk Wszech Czasów of the portal. Great composition, pleasure of application and more than satisfactory results. The highest level of effective care! A great brand for demanding and conscious consumers.